Dan Sotelo

Chik fil delay: a haiku

Waits for hours to buy

Chicken sandwich, waffle fries

Like baby, he cries

Not so Savvy

Class has ended

Must rush to lunch

Once a week

It costs $3 to munch


Savvy students are crazy smart

But the flock to the union en masse

By the time they get their food

They’ve already missed their next class


Mall Traffic

Getting to class on time

Means running really fast

Jumping across the Mall

As bikes and boards go past


Not looking both ways

Can cause a lot of pain

A bike took out my leg

So now I walk with a cane


Spandex: a haiku

Fabric of magic

Big or small, it fits them all

For better or worse

— Dan Sotelo is a political science senior.

He can be reached at letters@wildcat.arizona.edu.