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    Column: Cure this mundane weekend’s boredom with friends and some imagination

    When it comes to events in Tucson, there’s almost always something going
    on—but this weekend is somewhat of an oddity. Save for one or two
    shows, there really aren’t many special happenings or one-time events
    for students to attend this weekend.
    A boring weekend simply isn’t acceptable, so here are five things to do during the weekend when there’s nothing else going on.


    With midterms coming up and a constant barrage of tests and
    projects hitting everyone at once, movies and TV tend to get left by the
    wayside around this time of year. Put the textbooks and laptops away,
    silence your cell phones, grab some popcorn and a few good friends and
    have a movie night at home. 

    Rom-com, sci-fi, action, Western,
    horror, drama—pick any genre, find a couple of movies you’ve never seen
    on Netflix or from Casa Video, grab your favorite movie snack and get
    lost in another world for a little while.

    Reid Park Zoo

    Park is gigantic. Not only is there a zoo within its borders, but the
    park also boasts a dog park, an experimental rose garden, Hi Corbett
    Field—the official UA baseball stadium—various other sports fields, a
    man-made pond and an outdoor concert area. 

    The zoo inside the park,
    although it seems like it would be small, is really a sight to see and a
    great way to spend a weekend morning. From staple zoo creatures like
    lions, elephants and giraffes to a myriad of colorful bird species and
    other exotic animals, the Reid Park Zoo exceeds expectations. It even
    has sea otters that show off their adorableness for the zoo guests.
    Admission is $9 for adults, and the zoo will be open from 9 a.m. to 4
    p.m. until May. 

    Picnic in the Park

    If you’re looking to get
    outside but aren’t feeling up for a trip to the zoo, how about a good,
    old-fashioned picnic? The weather this weekend is looking to be hot, so
    instead of trekking to the nearest park in the heat of the day, wait
    until it starts to cool down and grab some friends for a dinner picnic. 

    don’t hurt your wallet, either. Making your own food or even buying it
    prepared from the grocery store is a lot cheaper than going out to eat,
    and hanging out at a park is free. Find a shady tree, throw a Frisbee or
    a football around, enjoy a Tucson sunset and kick back with some buds.


    Driving around Tucson, it’s easy to notice that golf is a pretty
    popular thing around here. It doesn’t seem to make much sense because
    growing grass in the desert isn’t the easiest of tasks, but according to there are over 25 golf courses throughout Tucson. 

    may not be the most exciting or cheap activity to take part in as a
    college student, though, which is why there’s mini golf.
    Easier and a
    lot more colorful than normal golf, mini golf is one of those
    activities that can always be fun with good company, whether you’re a
    hole-in-one ace or you hit the ball into the water traps every other
    swing. Golf N’ Stuff, Funtasticks and Triple Play are the three mini
    golf locations in Tucson, and Funtasticks is just a single bus ride away
    from campus.

    Roller Skating

    The music, the lights, the
    ridiculous looks on your friends’ faces as they try to stay upright
    while circling the rink—there’s really nothing like roller skating. 

    Country, Tucson’s one and only roller rink, is located on Twenty-second
    Street about 20 minutes east of campus. The rink has skating sessions
    throughout the week, including a 7-10 p.m. session on Friday and
    multiple throughout Saturday and Sunday. 

    Skate rentals are available
    for $3 a pair if you don’t have your own, and session admission ranges
    in price from $1 on Monday nights to $8 during the Friday and Saturday
    late skates. 

    And don’t worry if it’s your first time, just grab a friend to hold on to.

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