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    Planning ahead, keeping things simple make dressing for early classes easy

    Tyler Besh
    Tyler Besh/ Arizona Daily Wildcat A maxi skirt, cute short sleeved shirt and some sandals is an easy way to stay fashionable for even that 8 a.m. class.

    The first week of school, or “syllabus week” as it’s colloquially known, is equal parts college fun as it is academic anxiety. Some university guides or experts will tell you how to prepare for the first week to impress professors: Don’t come empty handed, bring the assigned textbooks and ask lots of questions. But rarely ever does any student have a proper understanding of how to dress for the first week of classes while you’re still adjusting your sleep schedule or hungover from syllabus week festivities. Now you’ll need to get creative.

    Plot twist: You’ve got an 8 a.m. class this semester.

    So “dress to impress” has now become more than just a motto, but a strategy. You’re assigned with the task of giving off a proper first impression, and should you accept, you’ll need to plan accordingly.

    Create a system that works
    “I typically will plan my outfits out the night before,” says Lindsey Conklin, a biomedical engineer junior. “Like the last 10 minutes or so before bed when you don’t have anymore work, or when I can’t really fall asleep at night, then I’ll plan out my outfit.”

    The idea of planning ahead is, by now, somewhat redundant, thanks to your mother. The process might be a bit of a hassle at the end of the night when all you can think about is sleep, but it will save you time in the long run.

    In addition, have a go-to outfit on-hand for the days you slept in a little too late.

    “[For me, it’s] leggings and a U of A shirt with a vest and combat boots or my maxi skirt with my white flowing top,” says Symonne Hornaday, a psychology senior. For Hornaday, her style mainly consists of mixing feminine items in her closet with somewhat edgy ones to create unexpected outfits that work. “I like doing contradicting things in my outfits.”

    Keep it simple
    When it’s early in the morning and you’re still blurry-eyed and coffee deprived, try to keep your outfit simple. For Zoë Webman, a visual communications junior, this means quickly throwing on a cute dress the morning of, “while keeping [her] hair natural and simple without spending too much time on it. Or go really comfy with a cute hairdo.”

    But I’d definitely only focus on one or the other for an early morning class so I can get as much sleep in as possible,” she adds.

    A white v-neck and dark washed jeans can be a well-composed outfit when paired with an accent piece. Try an oversized gold watch or ballet flats. Transform this same outfit later in the week by throwing on a blazer or swapping the pants for a feminine skirt or edgy shoes.

    Be comfortable
    If you’re the type of person who flashes an evil eye to girls in your 8 a.m. with trendy dresses and Vogue-style curled hair, then never feel the need to conform to the tips stated above.

    “I usually just wear leggings and a top or a maxi skirt with a top,” Hornaday says. “I don’t really plan ahead, I just like being comfortable while looking semi-decent.”

    Dressing well might catch the eyes of your fellow classmates, but it’s your personality that will hold their attention. If you are comfortable with yourself and your presence, others will gravitate towards you. So, continue to rock the “Norts” or neon Nikes if it means you’re comfortable with yourself because that, too, can earn the respect from many.

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