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    Letter to the editor

    Dear Editor,

    Students here at the University of Arizona are already dealing with extremely high tuition rates. Students struggle everyday with trying to maintain school grades, be involved in clubs on campus, and now have to worry about a 3 percent increase in tuition for the upcoming school year.

    Arizona Board of Regents is the committee of Higher Education in the state of Arizona and this year has decided to raise tuition rates by 3 percent. What do they need this huge increase in funds for anyway? Can’t ABOR work with the budget already in place, instead of raising tuition more?? Is it necessary and immanent that these rates be increased, yet again? ABOR seems to believe so.

    At the University of Arizona, over the past three years, tuition has increased over 63 percent. Based off an average household’s income, 31 percent of the income would have to go toward higher education. These numbers are even after financial aid is granted to a student.

    Yes, I agree without these tuition increases we are not able to get new restaurants in our Student Union, or plans to renovate Old Main, but to increase tuition on these already struggling students to fund these projects is ridiculous. Out of 100 9th grade students, only 18 of them will enter a four-year institution and at most, nine undergraduates will graduate within six years. The cost of tuition is road blocking these students from getting a proper education.

    Students shouldn’t have to worry about increased tuition for next year, because they are already worrying about how they are going to pay back their debt now. Students will perform better in school, get degrees easier, and thrive in an environment where they stress less about tuition increases and know what they are going to have to pay for the rest of their college careers.

    — Corey Wolkenberg
    Bachelor in General Studies, arts, media and entertainment focus junior

    Online comments

    In response to “Cat Tracks” (April 10):

    Maybe the reason so many people work in unpaid internships is because of the industry they work in. Unpaid internships are more abundant in fields where budgets are slim and jobs are scarce, while paid internships are common in areas like engineering, where there is plenty of work and money. So the reason not many people with unpaid internships get hired may have more to do with their career than their choice of internship. Was that study adjusted for differences in majors and careers?

    — Cody P

    Gun control is trending up? Right, maybe in your liberal fantasy world. Meanwhile, here in the real world, polls indicate that a majority of police officers polled (out of approximately 15,000) oppose gun control and support concealed carry.

    You need to knock it off with this absurd anti-Second Amendment zealotry. You cannot and will not take away our rights.

    — Kevin Wos

    In the society we live in today, I’m done being classy friend-O. Not when children get their heads blown off because Republicans would rather cut mental health research instead of our insanely inflated military budget and protect gun rights that were written by old, syphilitic white dudes almost 250 years ago.

    Let’s progress together, let’s better this world.

    — Leopold Bloom (in response to Kevin Wos)

    That’s your choice, but you can’t just ignore the Constitution, no matter what liberal dogma says. It’s the supreme law of the land and there’s nothing you can do about it. If you want the guns, just try to take them.

    — Kevin Wos (in response to Leopold Bloom)

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