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    Police Beat

    Alleged trespasser hopes for ‘cop-killer’ offspring

    A woman was arrested on two counts of criminal trespassing March 11 at 1:35 p.m.

    Police responded to a UA-owned property on East Mabel Street in reference to a suspicious person. When they arrived they made contact with the reporting party who said she had seen a woman open the rear door of the building on East Mabel. The woman looked inside the building and then closed the door. The reporting party then saw the woman climb over a fence and go into the backyard of another UA-owned property on North Mountain Avenue. The woman then disappeared from the view of the reporting party.

    Police arrived at the property on North Mountain. They saw the woman exiting the building and made contact with her. She said she was resting in the yard and trying to get away from her boyfriend. The doors to the building, which, according to a UA employee, had been secured earlier, were now open.

    Police recognized the woman from video clips of a burglary that occurred at the Kappa Sigma fraternity house on Feb. 19. The woman was taken to the University of Arizona Police Department station where she was interviewed regarding the burglary.

    When the interview was finished, the woman was arrested and told she would be transported to jail. While placing the handcuffs on her, she said, “”I went in the house to use the restroom but I did not steal a computer.””

    She was arrested for two counts of criminal trespass and given an exclusionary order from all UA rented, owned or controlled property.

    The woman was then placed into a patrol car where she became angry. She started screaming and yelling and slammed her head into the cage area that separates the front and back seats. She also told the officer that she hoped her two children would grow up to be cop killers. She said that the reason cops get shot is because of what they were doing to her. The woman only calmed down when she was placed in a restraint chair at the jail.

    Man reports vision of serial killer’s true identity

    A man went to the UAPD station on March 11 at 6:54 a.m. to provide them with information regarding a case that transpired in 2001.

    A non UA-affiliated man told police that he had information regarding serial killings that occurred at Louisiana State University in 2001.

    The man told the officers that the person who was arrested could not have done the murders “”because people of African descent don’t do those crimes.”” He continued by saying that only people of European descent do that.

    The man told the officer that he attended LSU in 2001. During that time, the man was in a bar and had been approached by another man who sold cocaine and wanted him to go in on a drug deal with him. The man said that he became scared and left the bar. In 2002, the man said that he had a vision where he was sitting in his living room and the other man was there, killing an LSU student. He said that the police had the wrong guy for the killings.

    The man continually looked away during the conversation and pointed at the ceiling. He told the officer that he liked to visit the UA campus because he was on disability and he does not work. The man was thanked for the information and he left the police station.

    ‘Artist’ booked on damage and trespassing charges

    A man was arrested on three charges March 11 at 2:44 a.m.

    Police responded to the expansion construction site for the Student Recreation Center in reference to two men spray painting the building. When police arrived, they noticed two men on the scaffolding next to the building. When police shined a light on them, both men laid down on to the scaffolding.

    Police told the men to get off the scaffolding. One of the men did not comply with police order and instead walked away from officers. He was last seen on the north side of the building. The other man was taken into custody.

    Police asked the man in custody who the other man was. He said he did not know because he met him earlier in the day on the street. He said they got into the property through a hole in the west wall that joined the old and new building together.

    When asked why he had paint on his fingers, the man told officers he was an artist and was doing some paintings at his home. He denied doing anything while on the scaffolding. Another officer informed him that they found three cans of spray paint below where he was standing.

    The man still said he was painting at home and denied using the spray paint. He then told the officers they had nothing except trespassing because there were no spray-paint cans on him.

    Police noticed that the man had an odor of intoxicants coming from his breath. He told them he had a couple of beers before he came to the area. He then told them he was just in the area because he was taking a short cut to Sixth Street. After more questioning, he admitted that he and the other man were on the scaffolding because they were under the influence of alcohol.

    The man was arrested and booked into the Pima County Jail for criminal damage, criminal trespassing and being a minor in possession of alcohol. The cans of paint were placed into evidence.

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