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    “On the spot: David Haumer, chemistry junior”

    Do you like sports?

    Yeah, I do.

    What’s your favorite sport to play?


    What position did you play back in the day?

    Center field.

    You weren’t playing football or basketball or anything else when you were growing up?

    Nope, just baseball.

    Lots of players are looking for that little extra edge so they can win their games. Did you ever cheat a little bit just to get that edge so you could win?


    Lots of people cheat in baseball. You weren’t scuffing the ball or taking HGH (human growth hormone) or anything like that?


    That’s weird. I mean, it’s not cheating unless you get caught, right?

    Yeah, I agree with that.

    Well, would you ever pretend to be disabled or something so maybe you could win a gold medal in the Special Olympics?

    (Laughs) No. (Laughs)

    Well, why not? I mean, don’t you think it would be pretty easy to fail an intelligence test on purpose or something like that?

    (Laughs) Yeah, but that’s screwed up.

    But that’s just like what Johnny Knoxville did in “”The Ringer”” so what’s the big deal?

    (Laughs) Yeah, but that’s a screwed-up movie too. It’s funny as hell, but that’s a pretty screwed-up concept.

    So you’re telling me that the risk isn’t worth the reward of all the glory that would go along with being a gold medalist?

    Absolutely not. Like in the Special Olympics?


    (Laughs) No, I wouldn’t do that.

    But they could never take that away from you. I mean, you would be a world champion.

    No, I’m good. I would definitely not do that, but that’s just me.


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