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    A woman was booked into Pima County Jail Saturday morning after she admitted to punching her boyfriend and then chasing him down with her car, reports stated.

    Police got several reports of the woman driving recklessly and pulled her over around 9:45 a.m. The woman was pulled over at North Cherry Avenue and East Helen Street.

    The woman was crying and told police she was mad at her boyfriend.

    The woman said she did not have a driver’s license.

    The woman told police she had found another woman’s number in her boyfriend’s cell phone.

    The woman said she had picked up her boyfriend and had punched him in the face. The boyfriend then got out of the car and ran away, reports stated.

    The woman told police she had followed the man in her car and said she didn’t remember if she was trying to run him over.

    Police asked the woman if she wanted to take anything with her to jail. The woman said her purse and asked police to get a change purse out of her larger purse.

    Police opened the purse and saw a green plant material and rolling papers.

    The woman said she had forgotten it was in there.

    The woman was arrested for disorderly conduct, aggravated assault, possession of marijuana, possession of paraphernalia and driving on a revoked license, reports stated.

    Her car was impounded, and the marijuana and papers were placed into evidence.

    A student received a threatening phone call from his ex-girlfriend’s mother Monday while he was at Kappa Alpha fraternity, 906 N. First Ave., reports stated.

    The student said the mother was very upset and argumentative.

    The mother said. “”If I ever get another phone call from my daughter crying like she was because of you, you won’t be talking to me on the phone, you will be dealing with her father in person on your doorstep, and he’s a big man.””

    The student said he did not want to press charges, but said he wanted to document the incident, reports stated.

    A man was booked into Pima County Jail Monday afternoon after police pulled him over for driving on a suspended license on East Speedway Boulevard and North Norton Avenue, reports stated.

    Police pulled the man over around 3:30 p.m., after a records check showed his license plate was flagged.

    The man’s car smelled like marijuana, and police asked the man if he had any. The man told police he had a pipe behind the passenger seat and said police could search his car.

    Police found two plastic bags of marijuana, several empty plastic bags, a glass pipe and a silver grinder.

    The man said the marijuana was for personal use.

    A records check showed the man had two warrants out for his arrest.

    The marijuana, pipe, grinder and bags were placed into evidence, reports stated.

    A student admitted Monday afternoon to having a glass pipe in her room in Arizona-Sonora Residence Hall, 910 E. Fifth St., reports stated.

    Police went to the student’s dorm around 4:30 p.m. after getting a report that she had drug paraphernalia.

    The student allowed police to search the room. Police found a small glass pipe with residue in it. The residue smelled like marijuana.

    The student was cited and released. The pipe was placed into evidence, reports stated.

    A student was cited for underage drinking early Sunday morning at North Euclid Avenue and East Second Street, reports stated.

    Police saw the student drinking out of a 40-ounce bottle of beer around midnight.

    The student said he had already gone through diversion and was released, reports stated.

    A student admitted to having marijuana Saturday night after his roommate and another student said they saw him put marijuana in a drawer in his room in Graham-Greenlee Residence Hall, 1418 E. Fourth St., reports stated.

    Police arrived around 7 p.m. The student told police the student who had the marijuana had gone on a bike ride.

    The student showed police the drawer the student had put the marijuana in. Police noticed the drawer smelled like marijuana.

    There was a mostly empty bottle of rum on the student’s desk. The roommate said the student also kept beer in the fridge.

    The student came back from his bike ride and police asked him if he knew why police were there.

    The student said, “”Because my roommate wants his own room,”” reports stated.

    Police asked the student if the beer in the fridge was his and he said “”not anymore.””

    Police then asked the student if the rum was his and he said, “”Yeah, you caught me there too.””

    Police found a plastic bag of green, leafy substance in the drawer.

    The bag was placed into evidence and the student was cited and released, reports stated.

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