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    Fast Facts

    21,514 emergency room visits in 2003 were results of bowling injuries.

    Hong Kong has the highest estimated average IQ of 107. The average American IQ is 98.

    New Year’s Day was celebrated on March 25 until 1752.

    The average American spends $84 annually on candy.

    The best selling cookies in the United States (in order of most best seling): Oreos, Chips Ahoy, Girl Scout Thin Mints.

    74 percent of Americans believe they are an above-average driver. Only one percent of Americans believe they are a below average driver.
    The British first began driving on the left because swords were worn on the left.

    Most cats owned by one person: 689

    25 percent of business school deans said they would admit a clearly unqualified student if their parents donated $1 million dollars.

    Norway is the country in which you are mostly likely to have your lost wallet returned.

    5.2 trillion is the number of cigarettes smoked annually worldwide.

    Finland is the world’s biggest coffee-drinking nation.

    Celine Dion has 13 siblings.

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