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    “On the spot: Louise Williams, philosophy sophomore”

    I heard you across the way talking about math. What is going on with that?

    I was talking about how when I was earlier in school, I would learn the easier way to do math problems. But then I got to AP Calc and learned the harder way, which actually turned out to make sense a lot more than the simplified version.

    Is that just because you have more of a philosophical mind or just because you have a more mature way of learning it?

    It probably has to do with the simplified way didn’t account for all the ways things could happen, and the more complicated way could actually make it work with all situations. So it probably has to do with the fact that I take a lot of different things into account at once.

    Can you help me out with my statistics class then, because I haven’t had math in a good three years and we are adding fractions. Do statistics have anything to do with the mature method you are talking about?

    Well I’m a psych minor because I didn’t want to major, so I didn’t have to take stats, but I think a lot of the stats stuff would be harder for me because I know calculus and I think going back would be harder trying to learn it from a more basic level. It would be way harder to go backwards.

    Yeah that sounds insane. On to a better topic, love the Disneyland shirt. How many times have you been to Disneyland?

    Well, I actually have an annual pass. So I used to try to go once a month when I lived over there, because I’m from San Diego, but now I try to go about three or four times a year at least.

    What is your favorite ride?

    Pirates of the Caribbean.

    That is a great one. How do you feel about Splash Mountain?

    I like it because nobody actually has seen the movie, “”Song of the South,”” and it’s actually a really great movie.

    Yeah, I have always wanted to know what movie it is inspired by. Have you seen the new rave parades they have at California Adventure?

    I think it’s pretty cool. California Adventure is really making a lot of new changes right now and I really like how it’s taking shape and doing new, creative


    I actually heard that there are prosecutions being made against Disney for kind of promoting raves and people think they are promoting the use of ecstasy or something?

    I think that is crazy. I don’t think Disney is in any way endorsing taking drugs, like that would not be consistent with anything else that they do.

    — Caroline Nachazel


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