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    Police Beat: March 31

    One step further than ‘childish name calling’

    A University of Arizona Police Department officer was called to the Kaibab-Huachuca Residence Hall on Thursday at 10:35 p.m. to check on some threats that had been made.

    The officer met with the community director, who said that a student had told her resident assistant about a posting on her Facebook page that she felt was threatening.

    The community director was talking  to the woman when the officer arrived.

    The suspect told the officer that the girls on her floor had divided up into two groups and had been making comments about one another. She had also placed a statement on her Facebook page saying the other student “”was going to die soon.””

    The woman said she did not mean anything by it and that she never intended to hurt anyone.

    After the officer spoke with the woman making threats, he talked with the woman reporting the incident.

    The officer asked if she was afraid or concerned for her safety. The student said she did not know whether to feel scared, but she did not want to change rooms.

    She told the officer that she had not done anything to the other woman and that the woman and her friends were calling her and her friends names and taking decorations off her door.

    The student denied ever making any comment toward the suspect but said that she and her friends could hear them making insults while they were in their room.

    The officer told the student and her friends that the women’s behavior was unacceptable and that they all needed to stop the “”childish name calling”” and leave one another alone.

    The woman said she did not want to press charges but just wanted the insulting to stop. She also said she did not feel physically threatened by the other student.

    The officer recommended for the community director to have a wing meeting with the students to discuss unacceptable childish activities.

    The student who had written the threatening comment was warned of UA policy regarding threats, and her name was referred to the Dean of Students for Code of Conduct.

    Students fear for safety

    A University of Arizona Police Department officer met with two women at the UAPD main station on March 24 at 10 a.m. to discuss the possibility of getting an Order of Protection against their roommate’s boyfriend.

    The women told the officer that they share an apartment at The Reserve at Star Pass, 41 S. Shannon Rd., with one of their brothers and another student.

    The roommate’s boyfriend had been arrested by Tucson Police Department in December of 2009 and had recently returned to their apartment.

    The women reported that the boyfriend has been keeping the other student from attending her classes and also does not allow the woman to leave her bedroom while he is in the apartment.

    They told the officer that because of the boyfriend’s behavior they are worried about the welfare of their roommate and their own safety.

    The officer asked if they had ever called 9-1-1 when he does not allow the woman to leave her room and they said they had not because they “”didn’t know what he would do when he found out.””

    One of the women became upset during the talk with the officer, saying how afraid of the boyfriend she was and did not know what to do.

    The officer advised the women to call 9-1-1 if the boyfriend shows up again at the apartment and shows the same behavior.

    The officer also gave them the names of the violence prevention specialist and clinical therapist at the Oasis Program, a service for sexual assault victims and relationship violence run through Campus Health.

    The UAPD officer put in a request for Tucson Police Department to check on the welfare of the roommates later.

    Hit and run, shotgun

    A UAPD officer was on patrol westbound on Speedway Boulevard and Euclid Avenue on Friday at 7:37 p.m. when he heard a request for assistance by a Tucson Police Department officer.

    The TPD officer reported that there was a suspect in a black Chevy Silverado that had reportedly ran over a pedestrian in the parking on the southwest corner of Broadway Boulevard and Campbell Avenue.

    The suspect was also reported to have pointed a shotgun at four people before fleeing the lot in his pickup truck.

    The UAPD officer was southbound on Euclid Avenue when he saw the other officer and the truck waiting for a green traffic light.

    A traffic stop was made at Euclid Avenue and Elm Street.

    The UAPD officer drew his handgun while the other officer yelled at the man to get out of his truck at gunpoint.

    The man was handcuffed and the car was searched for other passengers, but none were found. There were also no weapons in the truck.

    The man was arrested for driving under the influence and leaving the scene of an injury accident.

    Tucson Police Department took primary investigation of the case.

    Man stable after fall from gym equipment

    A UAPD officer arrived to the Student Recreation Center on Friday at 4:32 p.m. after a man had fallen from an elliptical machine and was having a seizure.

    Once at the recreation center the officer found the man being assisted by Rec Center employees.

    The man was bleeding heavily from the head and was going in and out of consciousness. When he was conscious the man would try to sit up, but would have to be restrained.

    Tucson Fire Department paramedics responded and transported the man to University Medical Center. UMC staff called the man’s wife.

    When the officer left the hospital at 5:30 p.m. the man’s status was questionable. At 7:10 p.m. another UAPD officer reported that the man was stable.

    Man busted for porn in library

    A UAPD officer was called to the UA Main Library on Thursday at 5:35 p.m. after another UAPD officer in plain clothes saw a man viewing pornography on a library computer.

    The officer in plain clothes told the responding officer that he saw a man watching a video of a man giving another man oral sex.

    The man watching the porn was identified by an Arizona identification card and was sitting at a computer on the first floor.

    He told the officer that it was first time to the UA library in over a year and wanted to see if a password still worked for a Web site.

    The man said that he liked to watch homosexuals and did not have a computer at his house. He said he used headphones so that other people in the library would not hear the audio of the videos.

    The man was warned about watching pornography in the library and was told to leave the building for the night.


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