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    ’27 Dresses’ fun but fluffy

    27 Dresses fun but fluffy

    Droves of young women struggled to find a seat while dragging their beaus behind them Friday night at the opening of “”27 Dresses.”” The somewhat predictable but surprisingly clever film, starring Katherine Heigl, charmed viewers from the very beginning. Enjoyable but mostly unmemorable, the film stands on solid ground with most other chick flicks.

    Jane (Heigl) glows with everlasting hope as a single twenty-something who is secretly in love with her boss, George (Edward Burns).

    Obsessed with reading all the wonderful stories in a New York commitments column, Jane lives vicariously through the happily married and saves all the wedding stories written by Kevin Doyle (James Marsden). Doyle falls into an awkward and unexpected love after he discovers that Jane, the habitual bridesmaid, would be a perfect feature story for him to further his career.

    At the same time she is denying her feelings for a cute but annoyingly cynical Doyle, Jane happens to be planning her sister’s wedding to none other than her own boss. Played by Swedish-born beauty Malin Akerman, Jane’s hot younger sister, Tess, is swept away by George within two days of arriving at her sister’s place in New York.

    Akerman is hardly a solid actress, but she does play the psycho bride role quite well. Her bridezilla performance was hardly award-winning but it was definitely hilarious at times.

    Jane’s sharp-tongued sinner of a co-worker and friend is played by Judy Greer. With past credits like “”13 Going On 30″” and “”The Wedding Planner,”” Greer brings life to the usually unsurprising sidekick role with her impeccable knack for physical comedy.

    Heigl and Marsden are a good comedic team delivering funny lines with a hint of quirky grace.

    Although Marsden, Heigl and Greer manage to inject a sense of authenticity in between the sappy music and lace, this is a totally brainless movie full of corny clichés.

    The choreographer-turned-director Anne Fletcher has hardly made a dent in the filmmaking industry with this one – she should thank her casting director.

    The storyline was commonplace, but Heigl carried the film by flexing her comedic chops successfully.

    It’s a perfect unpretentious Friday night romantic comedy for lovers of the corny and ultimately gleeful chick flick. Predictable at times, this romantic comedy leaves a sweet taste in your mouth, but it’s a taste that will dissolve quickly.

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