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    “On the spot: Giorgio Vassall, Linguistics senior”

    I’ve noticed that the buzz around campus seems to be about spring break — exciting plans and exotic destinations. So if you could spend your spring break anywhere in the world, where would you go?

    Hmmm, I haven’t really thought about it. But let’s say Switzerland.

    Switzerland? That’s a unique place to spend spring break. Why Switzerland?

    Oh, my sister lives there. It would be cool to visit her.

    Your sister lives there? Does she make chocolate? I hear they have awesome chocolate over there.

    Chocolate? I wish. No, she works for some travel agency. Well, I’m not exactly sure what she does, but it’s like a travel agency. They give tour groups and that kind of thing.

    Too bad not of chocolate factories. But you would rather go to the cold of Switzerland than go somewhere warm and sunny and party with, say, girls in bikinis?

    (Laughs.) No, that’s not really me. I’m a more laid-back kind of guy, not really of the party hard type.

    OK, so let’s say you were able to go on this dream getaway. What would you do in Switzerland? I don’t think the beach is an option!

    Eh, probably ski the Alps or something.

    Ah, so you are a skier?

    No, but I could learn.

    Aren’t you afraid of breaking your leg or something? It is the Alps, you know.

    Not really.

    But what if you did break your leg? What would you do then?

    Well, I would go to the hospital.

    Touché. (Laughs.) OK, so what are you actually doing for spring break since Switzerland is a no-go?

    Well, I would say that I would go visit my parents, but that would really be kind of difficult at the moment considering they are in Africa.

    Wow. Parents in Africa, a sister in Switzerland, your family seems like a bunch of world travelers.

    Yeah, pretty much. And my aunt is always flying to Asia.

    Do you plan to travel in the future?

    Definitely after I graduate. I don’t know where I’ll end up, but I’m not staying here.

    So are you going anywhere for spring break then?

    Oh, well maybe just visiting friends in Phoenix.

    That’s not very exotic.

    Well, I do get to go to Switzerland to visit my sister this summer.

    Dreams do come true!

    — Dallas Williamson

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