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    “On the Spot: Vanessa Puga, education sophomore”

    So are you getting excited for Family Weekend, seein’ the ‘rents?

    No, they’re actually not. I kind of told them not to.


    I mean they did come this past weekend because it is my birthday this week. So I told them not to come the weekend, like, after my birthday so I could party and stuff.

    Oh, so you’ve substituted party for family in this upcoming celebratory weekend?

    Yeah basically, I mean it’s my birthday so they totally understand.

    And what is the number one thing on your birthday wish list this year?

    Well, I asked for sneakers and I got really, really cool sneakers so I am pretty pleased.

    Uh-oh, what kind of sneakers?

    Some purple Jordans, really hot. I am obsessed with Jordans.

    Wow, I love Nikes and my favorite color is purple so we should probably be best friends.

    Can we please be best friends? That would be amazing.

    If you could pick anyone in the world, dead or alive, to be at your birthday party, who would it be?

    Oh this is so hard, probably Drake. He is just, I am literally obsessed with him. I have every single one of his songs on my iPod.

    So you have a good 500 songs on your iPod under the name of Drake?

    Yeah, pretty much.

    And what is it about Drake that makes you crazy? Better yet, what is it about you that differentiates you from the thousands of girls that would invite Drake to their birthday party?

    Well, not only do I think he is very attractive, I think he is one of the most smartest rappers ever and his words are just so clever they just … how do I say it?

    Complete you?

    No, well yeah, but they are just so amazing. He is just going to become bigger everyday and become even more clever with every new song.

    Did you ever think that when we you were watching “”DeGrassi”” you were watching your future husband?

    I always thought he was attractive but when it was outted that he was a rapper and when he started becoming big, I completely fell in love.

    So you were pretty shocked to hear “”Best I Ever Had”” on the radio especially because you didn’t think he would release his first single about you, right?

    Exactly. That song was specifically written for me and I know it. I just know it.

    — Caroline Nachazel

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