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    “On the spot: James Gibbs, Pre-engineering sophomore”

    What kind of dog is this?

    He’s a Pembrook Welsh Corgi.

    How long have you two been together?

    (Laughs.) He’s almost 4. His name’s Thomas Jefferson. How did we meet? Well we both like long walks and we met on an online dating service…

    Did you adopt him or raise him as a puppy?

    I got him from a breeder. There are plenty of horse farms around this area, so they use these dogs mainly for herding. Traditionally they’re herding dogs from England. I think it’s a crossbreed between a dachshund and a German shepherd. So they use them for sheep herding. I just thought they were really cool looking, you know? He’s got a big attitude, but he’s small so I don’t have to have a lot of space. At the time I had a small yard and a big dog is a lot of work. I had a girlfriend at the time, I jokingly said I wanted a dog and finally got one.

    How did you decide on a Corgi?

    I wanted something I could play with more athletically. I thought initially he might be able to run with me. When he was younger he was better. Now he’s good with short sprints.

    I kind of figured.

    He’s a pretty good little runner. I don’t like little lap dogs necessarily. He tries to be a lap dog, but then he has a big dog attitude. I had to get a mailbox because of his bark. There’s a mail slot next to my door and the mailman wouldn’t come up to the door because of his bark. He hears this big violent dog — I haven’t introduced him — but the mailman was adamant, so I had to put the mailbox next by the road.

    I’ve never had a dog in my life. My mom was allergic to fur animals. So the opportunity came and I was in a position to take on the responsibility.

    My sister has a small dog herself, and she tells me they often have personality quirks.

    He used to have separation anxiety but he’s over that. Now when he’s around he likes to be near you. Sometimes he’ll be leaning on you just to know that you’re there. He’s kind of like a little kid. (Thomas barks.) Stop it. I live with my sister now and she babies the heck out of him. When I’m gone she’s the “”fun one.””

    When you sneeze, he, I don’t know, let me see if I can replicate this. (James fakes a sneeze into the ground. Thomas runs right into his face.)

    What the … ?

    (Laughs.) I don’t know if it’s the breath or the sneeze itself that excites him. So if you sneeze, I don’t know, he just makes sure you’re OK? … Maybe he thinks it’s a weird human thing.

    — Steven Kwan

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