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    Police Beat: September 17

    The masked avenger

    A man came into the University of Arizona Police Department headquarters at 6:30 p.m. on Sept. 10 with a black mask covering his eyes, black leather gloves, a fedora style hat and a black sport coat. A UAPD officer talked with the man in the lobby and asked him to remove his mask and gloves, but the man said he didn’t want to compromise his identity. The officer told the man that he was required to provide his identification information to a university official.

    The man then identified himself with a Washington state identification card. He claimed that he had received a phone call earlier from a woman who may have been in a domestic violence incident. He didn’t know the location of the people who may have needed assistance because he interrupted the woman on the phone once he realized the police needed to be involved.

    The man claimed he worked for “Phoenix Jones” and wore the mask and gloves because he is a vigilant citizen who looks for crimes in progress and reports them to the police. According to the man, “Phoenix Jones” is an organization of citizens who reports crimes while in disguise.

    While the officer was speaking with him in the lobby, the man received a telephone call from a source who gave him information about possible crimes currently underway.

    No information was found to support the crimes the man reported. The officer submitted an advisory to the Dean of Students Office because of the man’s behavior.

    Bag snatcher on the loose

    UAPD responded to a theft at the Student Union Memorial Center at 3:30 p.m. on Sept. 11. When the officer arrived, he spoke with the 18-year-old UA student who had reported the crime. She told officers that at about 1:45 p.m, she and a few friends were sitting at a table in front of Panda Express. She set her bag down at her feet and didn’t look back down at it throughout the conversation.

    At about 3 p.m., she reached down to grab her bag to leave, but it wasn’t there. She looked around the area but couldn’t find it. The student asked her friends if they had picked it up, but they said they hadn’t. No one had noticed anyone come close to the table who could have snatched her bag. There are no suspects at this time.

    The student asked to participate in any further criminal proceedings.

    Don’t be flaky

    A UAPD officer responded to the Arizona-Sonora Residence Hall at 12:10 a.m. on Sept. 11 after a resident assistant reported the smell of marijuana.

    When the officer arrived, the RA escorted him to a room on the second floor. The officer knocked twice and announced who he was, but there was no answer. Finally, the 18-year-old resident of the room walked out of the elevator.

    The RA reported seeing the resident in his room about five minutes earlier, when he smelled the odor. As soon as the officer entered the resident’s room, he too could smell the marijuana. When the officer told the resident why he was there, the resident said, “I’ll be honest, I just smoked at my friend’s apartment.” A second officer said he saw small green marijuana flakes on the resident’s desk and the first officer confirmed the find. The officer disposed of the marijuana flakes at the scene.

    The resident said he didn’t have marijuana in his room and didn’t want the officers to search his room. He said boxes of marijuana could be found at his friend’s apartment, where he had been smoking. He said his friend’s apartment was located across Euclid Avenue near the Tyndall Avenue Parking Garage.

    The resident wasn’t charged with possession of marijuana because the small flakes were too small to be claimed as evidence. Instead, he was given a code of conduct referral and sent to the Dean of Student’s Office.

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