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    Athlete of the Week: Lara Jackson

    Lara Jackson -
    Lara Jackson –

    Editor’s Note: Arizona freestyle specialist Lara Jackson, who holds the American record in the 50-yard freestyle, won six events during the weekend’s dual meets against California and Stanford. The Arizona Daily Wildcat’s Kevin Zimmerman caught up with the UA senior to discuss the team, her future and life outside
    of swimming.

    Wildcat: The team goal is obviously to repeat as national champions. What are your personal goals?

    Jackson: I definitely have some personal goals, but that is something I like to keep to myself, between me and my coach. I don’t know why; superstitious I guess.

    W: What makes head coach Frank Busch so effective in communicating and getting his points across?

    J: He knows how to run a team and work with other coaches. He just knows how to work things and put them in maybe a crazy perspective you’ve never thought of before, and play off the other coaches as well.

    W: Least favorite stroke?

    J: Surprisingly, I’m going to have to say freestyle because you get into those long freestyle sets, and it’s probably the most boring stroke, I think.
    W: Do you listen to pump-up music? What music do you listen to?
    J: Definitelyð -I’m addicted to my iPod. When I forget it, I get mad. It really depends on the mood or what meet it is. It’s usually a different song, but some of my favorites are “”Crush ‘Em”” by Megadeth and this 50 Cent song … “”If I can’t do it, it can’t be done.”” … I like that one, too.

    W: I hear you like riding horses. Is it your favorite thing to do outside of swimming?

    J: I love animals. I have a mare here in town, Calypso. Whenever I’m not here or at school I’m with her.

    W: After your swimming career is over, what will you do?

    J: I’d like to have my own ranch and have horses. I’m really into horse rescue and rehabilitation. That’s how I got my horse in the first place. I do know that there’s a really small niche in the industry for that, so hopefully I get lucky enough to be a part of it.

    W: Is it true that swimmers are clumsy on land?

    J: Not at all! We do a whole bunch of cross training. We do the Jim Click every year and one of our guys, Jean Basson, actually was top 10. I would say swimmers are great at everything.

    W: Can you tell me what your tattoos on your shoulders mean, if anything?

    J: The really summed-up version is that I have a really wild side, and a side that has to be more responsible, and just knowing that both of those parts of me make me who I am and make me really successful.

    W: Are you jealous of the football team for having David Hasselhoff go to their games?

    J: No, not at all.

    W: Not a Hasselhoff fan?

    J: Not that I’m not a Hasselhoff fan. (Senior Taylor Baughman walks by) I’m a big Taylor Baughman fan. She goes to all the meets and that’s all that I care about.

    W: Finally, if you had to go on a date with any UA athlete, who would it be?

    J: Can I think for a little bit. … I’d say Robbie Nowinski on the Icecats because I love hockey and I go to a lot of the games. He stands out as the best player, and I just think it would be interesting. Plus, free tickets wouldn’t hurt.

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