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    Free zombie games to spice up your life

    Illustration by Ken Wright

    Zombies love to eat our brains, and we sure love to kill them, but what can you do when you have a “”Nazi Zombies”” itch that must be scratched? Well, the answer is simple — and lecture-friendly — for those who don’t feel like paying attention to their professors. has one of the biggest collections of free zombie games, which span across many genres. There are shooter, arcade, role-playing and strategy games to choose from. But, with so many options available, how do you know which ones are worth your time? That’s what I’m here for.

    “”The Last Stand 2″” is an excellent game for anyone who wants a simple yet entertaining shooter. Your overall goal is to travel from your home city — which has been overrun by zombies — to a safe stronghold.

    The controls are simply to point and click to shoot, but you can customize each game. Usable weapons, range from a classic shotgun to a chainsaw, each change the way you play. As you catch your breath between each wave of zombies, you can search for other survivors to fight with you.

    It isn’t too difficult at first, but if you don’t get the hang of it early, the zombies will overwhelm you in the later rounds. “”Infectonator! World Dominator”” is probably the simplest game on the list, but it’s also one of the most entertaining. You must infect the inhabitants of various cities around the globe until zombies are able to overrun the world. To do this, you pick your city, and a handful of 8-bit people will scurry around the screen as representatives of that city’s population. Then, you click on a spot to drop a bomb that will turn them into zombies. These zombies will then chase down healthy people and try to infect them before decaying into nothing.

    If you manage to infect or kill the entire city, you can move to the next one. If not, you have to try again. It sounds tedious, but each city is harder than the last, and there are upgrades to make things more interesting. Surprisingly, this game could last the longest since there are plenty of cities and a good part of the game is based on luck.

    “”Boxhead More Rooms”” is another straightforward game, but it is actually pretty tough. You are a simple man facing zombies, who pour slowly through doorways and try to kill you. In the beginning, you are only armed with a pistol, but there aren’t many zombies.

    You have to build high combos by killing zombies quickly in order to unlock more weapons. That way, when hordes of zombies attack later, you can mow them down without too much trouble. It sounds easy, right? Well, it’s not so easy to unlock the high-tier weapons, and that’s the only way to survive. If you can live long enough to get some of them, you might actually beat it. To be honest, I don’t even know if there is a final level, since I certainly haven’t gotten close.

    “”Sonny”” and “”Sonny 2″” are probably the most complex but best zombie flash games available. It’s a turn-based role playing game about a man who wakes up as a zombie without any recollection of how it happened. While the story doesn’t sound too original, the main focus of the game is the fighting, which includes a complex and diverse ability system that can make each play-through radically different.

    The sequel takes it even further and adds three class options to customize the game. It does get a little hard and takes some “”grinding”” to level-up your characters, but even real RPGs have that quality. In the end, beating this game will probably leave gamers the most satisfied because it actually has a compelling story and the most interesting game play.

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