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    David Reece gives resignation

    ASUA Executive Vice President David Reece, left, resigns during the senate meeting last night in the Copper Room. His resignation was a surprise to many in attendance.
    ASUA Executive Vice President David Reece, left, resigns during the senate meeting last night in the Copper Room. His resignation was a surprise to many in attendance.

    In yesterday’s “”David Reece gives resignation,”” David Reece, former executive vice president of Associated Students of the University of Arizona, is quoted as calling some other members of ASUA his “”enemies.”” The word he actually used was “”opponents.”” The Wildcat regrets the error.

    David Reece resigned from his position as the Associated Students of the University of Arizona executive vice president last night, amid a review of his conduct and controversy stemming from two recent club-funding decisions.

    Quoting extensively from the Bible during a speech at the beginning of the ASUA Senate meeting, Reece surprised almost the whole room with his announcement.

    “”I am sorry, I will not stay,”” Reece said. “”I do not believe I can, in good conscience, stay any longer.””

    ASUA President Erin Hertzog said she was surprised, but because of the recent issues raised about Reece’s conduct, she said his decision was the best thing for him and ASUA as a whole.

    Steven Gerner, an ASUA senator, sent a memo Monday asking for help in his investigation of Reece’s misconduct in his capacity as executive vice president and a member of the Appropriations Board.

    Two decisions from the board have generated criticism in the last week. The senate overturned the board’s refusal to fund “”The Vagina Monologues,”” and Hertzog used her first veto of the year to overrule a decision that denied money to Medical Students for Choice.

    Blake Rebling, Reece’s friend and president of the Appropriations Board, said he also was unaware Reece was going to resign.

    “”I don’t think he told much of anybody,”” Rebling said.

    Reece cited his desire to spend more time with his grandmother, who he said is in recovery from a serious back injury, as a reason for his resignation.

    Rebecca Rodl, an Arizona Students’ Association director, said she was also blindsided by the announcement.

    Jami Reinsch, ASUA administrative vice president, said she was less surprised about the move, given recent events.

    “”I’m sorry it had to end this way,”” Reinsch said. “”The office is going to be empty without him.””

    During his speech, Reece apologized to those he called his “”enemies”” at ASUA, saying he has at times been unkind to them.

    “”I am a wretch, and I ask for your forgiveness,”” Reece said.

    After Reece’s announcement, Rebling took the floor and spoke to what he called the senate’s “”illegal”” overturning of the “”Vagina Monologues”” decision, saying it didn’t violate any rules.

    Rebling said he believes the show is vulgar and shouldn’t be funded by a public entity.

    “”I will not allow my principles to be whitewashed by the beliefs of others,”” Rebling said.

    He said he voted against funding Medical Students for Choice because he believed it was receiving money from the College of Medicine.

    Rebling said he isn’t sure whether or not he will continue in his role as board president, but he said he thinks he probably will.

    Reinsch said last week was probably the catalyst for Reece’s resignation, although tension had been building during the course of the year. She said they are friends, but she and Reece had different ideas about what a student government should be.

    “”I just kind of bit my tongue and dealt with things,”” Reinsch said.

    Ry Ellison, a candidate for ASUA Senate, also spoke at the meeting, showing support for Reece and Rebling and denouncing the meeting last week that overturned the board’s “”Vagina Monologues”” decision.

    “”The conduct at the meeting was repulsive at worst and unprofessional at best,”” Ellison said. “”The hypocrisy within this room disgusts me.””

    Ellison said he does not think ASUA is an effective organization and he is unsure of his place within it.

    Tommy Bruce, Hertzog’s chief of staff and a presidential candidate, said he thinks Reece had been following his own personal ideology in deciding which students receive ASUA money.

    “”I am thrilled that he chose to resign,”” Bruce said. “”I think that’s the only service he’s done for the students all year.””

    Melodie Schwartz, an ASUA senator who said last week’s Appropriations Board decisions were the result of corruption, said ASUA will continue to work effectively despite the passionate speeches at yesterday’s meeting.

    “”If anyone thinks that we are all skewed, crazy politicians and we are all here for our own ideals, honey, you are in the wrong place,”” Schwartz said. “”We will not take a dive because of something like that.””

    Rebling said he believes the organization won’t see any major changes to his liking, because he thinks most people at the senate meeting didn’t listen to what he, Reece and Ellison had to say.

    Hertzog said she will soon begin accepting applications for interim executive vice president, and she hopes to form a committee to select the new one.

    Hertzog also took a moment to respond to the issues raised at the meeting, saying: “”This organization has had an incredible year. Anyone who thinks otherwise is mistaken.””

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