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    Guns on campus ‘ridiculous!’

    This is ridiculous! Why would anyone want guns legalized on campus? Say a concealed-carry law did get passed, and people started carrying guns. Realistically, what do you think is going to happen? That your safety will increase and you will be able to feel less defenseless!? What about the safety of everyone else? Are you going to protect everyone around you if something happens? Are you so full of yourself that you believe you can? What training will you undertake? What kind of training is possible for college kids to handle a classroom shootout? How will you know what’s sufficient? A couple seminars where you sit at a desk and listen to some dude tell you about how responsible you are for having a gun? A few months at the range? Police or military training? If you want gun safety, wear kevlar!

    Knut Norstog
    senior majoring in molecular and cellular biology

    ‘Prejudice has no place in America’

    In an opinion article published in the Houston Chronicle regarding the ongoing controversy over the Day of Silence, an annual silent protest against the bullying and prejudice of LGBT students in schools across the nation, Diane Sulpizio of Houston says “”In actuality, (the Day of Silence) is an effort to normalize the homosexual lifestyle.”” How is an organized effort to curb prejudice even controversial? It amazes me that there are still people in the 21st century arguing whether this silent act of protest against prejudice in our society is legitimate. It’s enough of a tragedy that there are thousands of grown-ups protesting kids who are simply asking for acceptance. Our society embraces and even celebrates its diversity – which includes the rights of every man, woman and child to lead a life free from harassment. Prejudice has no place in America. Prejudice against those who speak out against prejudice is just as unacceptable. Racial harassment in the United States, for example, is instantly shunned – but prejudice based on sexual orientation is acceptable to hundreds of thousands of Americans? No one is denying a citizen’s right to having opinions and the freedom to speak out regarding those opinions or beliefs. The Day of Silence requires no speech at all.

    Nicholas Harsin
    media arts junior

    ‘Carter and Styer are absolutely wrong’

    Matt Styer seems to believe his assertion that “”…Mr. Carter is absolutely right in his condemnation of the U.S. and Israel policy of not dealing with Hamas…”” (“”Mr. Carter goes to Damascus”” Thursday) will be given gravitas because he includes an absolutely irrelevant quote from Michel Foucault in the same article. Actually, both Carter and Styer are absolutely wrong. Styer says that “”To be sure, Hamas is an organization with a sordid history,”” but its sordidness is not history; as Styer concedes, not only does it reject recognition of Israel, its covenant calls for Israel’s destruction. Its rockets have not “”regularly rained down on Israeli settlements,”” they rain down on Israeli towns, cities and kibbutzim. And not only does it call for Israel’s destruction, but it has torpedoed every peace agreement between Israel and the Palestinians with, among other tactics, suicide bombings. Styer also claims that the British government’s dealings with the Irish Republican Army in Northern Ireland is “”a significant historic parallel;”” it is no parallel whatsoever. While the I.R.A. was indeed a violent organization whose members killed innocents, it never called for England’s destruction. Nations, groups and individuals can talk to enemies in the quest for peace, but not if they deny their right to exist.

    Billie Kozolchyk
    Tucson resident

    Payday lenders ‘making interest rates very very high’

    We as Arizona citizens and students need to take action against the payday lenders. These lenders are cheating the public and the students and making life unbearable for the citizens of Tucson and we need to stop this. Tucson citizens and students are going into high debt with these payday predators stealing our money and making interest rates very very high.

    Dereck Feemster
    Tucson resident

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