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    “On the spot: Julia Etters, Journalism senior”

    What do you do in your free time?

    Um, karaoke? (Laughs.)

    What’s your favorite karaoke song to sing?

    Oh, definitely “”Total Eclipse of the Heart.””

    Wow, that’s heavy. You go hard. Do you often make people cry? Have you ever brought the house down?

    No, but I get the crowd involved. This is how I make new friends.

    Do you ever serenade people?

    Oh yeah, oh yeah. I get everybody riled up. Essentially, I’m a performer.

    That’s so ballsy. Karaoke terrifies me.

    Well, can you sing?

    No, absolutely not.

    Well that’s why. I’m a great singer. (Laughs.)

    What’s one song you would never karaoke?

    Like a serious one.

    How is “”Total Eclipse of the Heart”” not serious? It’s serious to me.

    Yeah, but if I do something like that, it has to be like, joking.

    I happen to adore Celine Dion. Would you do a Celine Dion song?

    No. Well, maybe I would. “”It’s All Coming Back to Me Now”” always speaks to my heart.

    Oh my god, that’s my favorite one. I get chills every time. Every. Time. But I imagine it would be difficult to karaoke one of her songs, because she’s so damn fabulous.

    Oh, yeah. It’s a lot to live up to.

    And you’ll need a French-Canadian accent. And a lot of flair in the form of unnecessary hand gestures.

    Maybe I could bring a little violin player or something.

    Do you have little karaoke minions? Or props?

    You know, I could tell you, but I don’t like to reveal my act.

    Stage secrets. Got it. Costumes?

    No, I like to keep it simple. I don’t want to intimidate the crowd. They’re already a little intimidated by my talent. No jazz hands.

    No jazz hands? Not even a little one? Just off to the side?

    Maybe just one.

    I find nothing to be more soothing than a jazz hand. If I gave you a microphone right now, what would you sing?

    Probably, “”Do You Like Piña Coladas?””  

    That’s lovely. All the world is a karaoke stage for you.

    —Claire Engelken

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