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    Police Beat: August 27

    You can take it to the bank

    University of Arizona Police Department officers responded to a fire alarm at 4:32 p.m. on August 18. The alarm went off at the Manzanita-Mohave Residence Hall, with the strong smell of burned butter and popcorn coming from the women’s wing on the fifth floor.

    Once the Tucson Fire Department arrived, they were able to use a master key to open the room where the smell was coming from. Even though the odor was very strong and it was evident it was coming from the opened room, TFD and UAPD were unable to find the source of the smell. TFD checked the rooms surrounding the first opened room and they were clear of the strong odor.

    Officers discovered that the 19-year-old female student who lived in the suspected room had burned some popcorn, but after the alarm went off, she took the bag of popcorn to the Chase Bank across the street and threw it away. A UAPD officer found the bag and identified that it was no longer a fire hazard.

    The officer then explained to the student that after setting off a fire alarm, the proper protocol is to inform a residence assistant, who would then make contact with police or fire personnel immediately.

    Jack and Mary Jane

    UAPD arrived at the Posado San Pedro Residence Hall at 2:19 a.m. on August 18 after being informed that the odor of marijuana was coming from the third floor. An RA who was conducting rounds had noticed the odor. Once UAPD officers arrived at the scene, they also noticed a faint odor of marijuana coming from a particular room on the third floor.

    An 18-year-old male student walked by and opened the door to the room. As soon as he opened the door, the strong odor entered the hallway. One officer asked if he could speak with the man, and he readily complied. The officer asked to enter his room and the resident gave permission, and as they walked in the smell of marijuana got stronger.

    The officer advised the man on why he had been called out to the residence hall and the man assured the officer that neither he nor anyone else had been smoking in his room.
    The man’s roommate walked in and the officer asked both residents if there was anything they wanted to tell the officers, but they both said no.

    One officer asked to speak with the first resident outside, while the second officer stayed inside with his roommate. The first resident was read his Miranda Rights, which he said he understood.
    When asked, he admitted to having smoked marijuana before. He then said that both he and his roommate had medical marijuana cards. The officer informed him that even though they owned medical marijuana cards, medical marijuana is not allowed on campus. The resident said that the last time he smoked was in California, before he came to Arizona.

    When asked if the officer could search his room, the resident said no.

    The second officer had already read the roommate his rights and was told that the officer could search through his items only.

    The officer didn’t find any illegal drugs, but did find a 1.75 liter bottle of Jack Daniel’s whiskey in the refrigerator. The bottle was one eighth full. The first resident claimed that it was his and that he had brought it two days before his roommate moved in. The officer informed him that alcohol is not allowed in the dormitory and that he cannot possess alcohol in the first place since he is under the age of 21. The bottle was confiscated and disposed of.

    The resident who had brought the whiskey into the room was referred to the Dean of Students in regards to Student Diversion with a minor in possession of alcohol.

    Six shots, two tests, one man

    UAPD responded to a DUI at 12:50 a.m. on August 18. The driver of a white 2005 Dodge Dakota nearly hit an unknown bicyclist while driving recklessly on Park Avenue.

    When a UAPD officer arrived at the scene, the driver was parked in the alley facing the Arizona-Sonora Residence Hall. The vehicle was pulled over after just missing the bicyclist. The officer who first witnessed the incident suspected that the driver was under the influence due to his erratic driving.

    When a second officer spoke with the driver, he said he was driving some girls home from a house party.

    The driver had watery, bloodshot eyes and his breath smelled of alcohol. After the officers ran a sobreiety test, the driver admitted to consuming six shots of vodka and then driving while under the age of 21.

    His vehicle was then towed by Tucson Wrecker and it will be impounded for 30 days.

    The UAPD officer arrested the driver for DUI in the slightest degree, double handcuffed him and transported him to UAPD headquarters. The driver then took two breath tests, one coming out to .142 and another to .138 six minutes later.

    After the tests were complete and the driver was notified of his results, he was taken home.

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