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    On the Spot

    Courtney: Hi, my name is Courtney, and you’re On The Spot. What are you doing?

    Logan Cole: I’m On the Spot?

    C: Yeah. OK…

    LC: I don’t want to be On the Spot.

    C: Why not?

    LC: I’m tired.

    C: You will be in the newspaper.

    LC: Ooo! I’m in the newspaper.

    C: So on Monday, Barbra Streisand included a political skit in her concert where she exchanged zingers with a celebrity impersonator playing George Bush as a bumbling idiot. Can you give me your best impression of an idiot Bush?

    LC: (In his best Texas drawl) Uh … hello, American people. … uh … I just wanna say that we’re gonna beat these terrorists. T-T-T-Terrorists … is that right? Yeah. Oh. Uh … I want my Texans to be happy for me, but for all you guys who don’t like me, I’m gonna kill all these, these terrorists for y’all-aaahh!

    C: Do you do any other impressions?

    LC: No. That was the first time I had ever done that.

    C: Do you have an accent?

    LC: No. Well, I am from the Midwest. Do I have an accent compared to these Arizona kids?

    C: Um. Yeah.

    LC: What’s up man?

    C: Who’s that?

    LC: My roommate.

    C: Where do you live?

    LC: Coronado.

    C: Are the rumors true?

    LC: Yes. They are true. There is a lot of nasty stuff that goes on there.

    C: What is the nastiest thing that has gone on there … that you can tell me about?

    LC: That I can tell you about? OK. The puke in the bathroom. Our suitemate puked all over the bathroom and that was pretty nasty. And he didn’t really clean it up and that was pretty nasty.

    C: Did you get stuck cleaning it up?

    LC: No. … After a few days we made him clean it up.

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