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    Police Beat

    Man cited for public drinking at bus stop

    A man was cited and released for drinking in public Jan. 14 at 10:19 p.m.

    While patrolling Speedway Boulevard west of Cherry Avenue, an officer noticed a man sitting at a bus stop near the Highland Tunnel. The man had a clear bottle to his mouth and appeared to be drinking from it.

    When the officer exited his vehicle, the man saw him and put the bottle on the bench. The officer told the man he saw him drinking from the bottle, which he now saw was a 16-ounce Smirnoff Wild Grape.

    The man identified himself to the officer and said, “”Yeah, I was drinking and I know I’m not supposed to.”” He also said he was catching the bus to go to his girlfriend’s house and decided to drink the alcohol while he waited. The bottle was still cold to the touch and had half of its contents.

    The bottle was emptied on scene and disposed of. The man was cited for drinking in public and released.

    Injured man vandalizes dorm hallway

    A man was cited on several charges Jan. 14 at 2:54 a.m. after tearing down decorations in a dorm.

    Police responded to the Sky View dorm in reference to woman seeing a man ripping down decorations and papers in the hallway.

    Police made contact with the man, who was bleeding from his forehead and smelled of alcohol. He was asked if he needed medical attention, to which he stated “”no.”” Police then asked him how he got his injury. He said a tall, white man in one of the rooms punched him, although he did not know why. When asked if he had been drinking, he said, “”Yeah, I’ve been drinking Smirnoff.”” A check on his driver’s license showed that he was less than 21 years of age.

    Police began to question him more about his injury. He said he was not going to tell them and all they needed to know was that he got punched and did not want to press charges. He just wanted to be “”left alone.””

    Officers then went to the room where the man said he had been punched. They made contact with four people in the room, three men and one woman. The woman told the officers she and one of the men were smoking a cigarette in her car when the drunk man came up to her window and began asking her about going out and hooking up. She told him no, but he proceeded to stick his head in the doorway of her car and kiss the left side of her head. She told him not to do it again, but he got into the rear driver’s side door, which was unlocked, and sat down. He then tried to kiss her again. She told him to get out of the car several times, but he did not listen. She then got out of her car and went back inside the building.

    When they got inside, the woman said she and the other man met up with another two men, who were headed outside to smoke. She told them about the incident outside to “”warn them of his strange behavior”” and then went to her room.

    Officers then spoke with the other two men. They told officers they ran into the man outside, who appeared to be very drunk. They did not discuss any of the situation regarding the woman with him. They then went inside and met up with the man and the woman in her room.

    Shortly after, the man from outside began banging on the room’s door, yelling obscenities. One man told officers that the four people in the room decided it would be best if they did not answer the door and acted as if they were not in the room. Within a few minutes, they could see through the peephole that the man was getting more and more upset. They then heard a loud crashing, ripping sound from the hallway. The four students decided to go into the bedroom and ignore the man’s antics entirely. Shortly after they went into the room, police knocked on the door and told them to come out.

    All four people in the room said they did not open the door for him or hit him. They all showed police their hands, to indicate if there was injury from hitting someone, but police found nothing. The woman told them she did not wish to press charges for the man kissing her.

    Police then returned to the other man. He said he could not identify the person who hit him, and even if he could he did not want to press charges. When asked why, he told officers that he was going to find the person on his own and that he “”would take care of business.”” Police advised him against the plan, but he said he did not want their help and that he was “”going to pay back the guy who assaulted him”” himself. The Tucson Fire Department was contacted to treat the man for his injuries.

    The officer then tried to talk to the man about kissing the woman in her car. When asked if the situation happened, he said, “”maybe it happened, maybe it didn’t.””

    While searching him, police found a second driver’s license in his rear left pant pocket with the date of birth of a person who was over 21. Police asked him what he was doing with a fake ID. He said, “”Nothing, I haven’t used it for anything yet.”” He told them that it was his cousin’s ID.

    The ID was confiscated. The man was charged with possession of another person’s cancelled/false driver’s license, criminal damage, and being a minor in possession of alcohol. He was handcuffed and taken to the Pima County Jail where he was booked on all charges. Pictures of the hallway damage and the man’s injury were taken and placed into evidence.

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