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    “On the spot: Alicia Waltz, anthropology senior”

    When you watch sports on TV, is it an added bonus that teams usually wear kind of revealing clothes?

    (Laughs) Oh yeah, tight pants are definitely good.

    Do you pay more attention to the action on the field or the action in their pants?

    Uh, well it depends on how close I can get, you know? (Laughs)

    Let’s say you’re watching it on TV.

    OK, so maybe they’ll do a close up of someone and I can watch them stretching. You know, I enjoy that.

    What’s the best sport to watch on TV for those purposes?

    Well I’d have to say college baseball because they’re not wearing the baggy pants as much as the pro guys are now. I can always check that kind of stuff out.

    Would you bring back the short shorts in basketball that they wore in the 1980s?

    (Laughs) Uh, no. Maybe the short shorts without the long socks that were jazzercise style. We could definitely do without the socks, but short shorts might work, yeah.

    What about football?

    For football you can’t really minimize the pads and their pants can’t get any tighter, so I think we’re good there. (Laughs)

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