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    Police Beat: October 25

    Waaay too many bikes

    University of Arizona Police Department officers stopped a suspicious man at the corner of Drachman Street and Ring Road when they spotted him walking with a shopping cart and three bikes at 4:20 a.m. on Oct. 20th.

    The man said he’d been in an argument with his girlfriend three hours earlier, and went to the UA Main Library to retrieve her bike, an orange beach cruiser, which she’d left there. The man said that to get there, he had loaded the beach cruiser and another bike into his shopping cart and pulled them while riding his motorized bike, adding that he had to bring all the bikes because he was unable to lock them up where he lived.

    A background check on the suspect determined that he had a misdemeanor warrant through Tucson Police Department. He was placed under arrest, and officers asked him for permission to examine a black bag he was carrying.

    Upon inspection, the bag held a grinder-cutting tool, miscellaneous jewelry, several keys and a small black pouch. The pouch contained two prescription medication containers, one with several pills and the other with coins and a crumpled piece of tinfoil. The man said the pills were for a bone disease.

    Inside the foil, officers discovered a bag of small white crystals, a glass vial with a dark liquid and what appeared to be cotton.

    The officer field-tested the crystals, which came back positive for amphetamines.

    UAPD confiscated the pills, and felony charges are pending as the police await further test results from the Arizona Department of Public Safety.

    Thief hits hard

    A UAPD officer responded to a vandalism complaint at 10:14 p.m. on Oct. 20, during the UA football game.

    When UAPD arrived, the man who had called showed the officer that two windows in his silver 2010 Toyota Sequoia had been broken, and said that a Chanel purse and Canon camera were also stolen from the car. The man had attended the football game and saw the damage when he retured to his car.

    The man valued the purse at $400, the camera at $450 and the damage to his vehicle at $500.
    The officer took photos of the windows and damage to the car. The man said he wanted to take part in any further criminal proceedings.

    There are currently no suspects or witnesses.

    Hell hath no fury

    A UAPD officer responded to a report of threats at 4:22 p.m. on Oct. 19.

    When the officer arrived, a woman said that a male co-worker had been receiving death threats from a former lover.

    The woman told the officer that her co-worker is working abroad at the UA until November. His former mistress lives in California and has sent the man harassing emails threatening to get a gun and kill him.

    Her other emails have attempted to extort money and told the co-worker’s wife, who is living in their home country, of his affairs and exploits while away. Additionally, the mistress sent an email to all of the man’s co-workers saying he “sleeps around and has an STD,” and “to use with caution.”

    The woman said that there have been no further emails, and the male co-worker has unplugged phones in the lab to avoid harassment.

    The man had said he’d report the situation earlier but “chickened out,” so the woman felt her action was necessary. The officer told the woman that a supervisor should deal with the unplugging of the phones, and that if the mistress calls again, whoever answers the phone should hang up or tell her to stop.

    The officer told the woman that if any further threats occur, law enforcement can take action. The officer did not speak with the man or his former mistress, but did provide the woman with a source to contact regarding any further developments.

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