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    Adam Brody gets romantic ‘In the Land of Women’

    Adam Brody breaks away from his role as a nerdy, awkward, charming teen on The O.C. to play ? a nerdy, awkward, charming teen in In the Land of Women. Watch as he wins the hearts of the leading ladies and the audience.
    Adam Brody breaks away from his role as a nerdy, awkward, charming teen on ‘The O.C.’ to play ? a nerdy, awkward, charming teen in ‘In the Land of Women.’ Watch as he wins the hearts of the leading ladies and the audience.

    Teenage girls’ hearts all across America simultaneously broke when they found out “”The O.C.”” was cancelled and dreamy Benjamin McKenzie and Adam Brody would no longer appear every Thursday night. The horror! Never fear, ladies. Brody got his act together and is back, but this time he’s on the big screen “”In the Land of Women,”” so there’s even more to love.

    Heartbreak is apparently a great way to get your life jump-started. After Carter Webb (Brody) gets dumped by his long-time girlfriend, he moves back in with his dying grandmother, who lives in remote Michigan. It seems like the perfect escape from the painful reminders of his girlfriend left all over L.A.

    Although it may not seem like the best way to help your love life, your grandmother probably doesn’t live in the same neighborhood his does. Right across the street from Carter’s grandmother’s house are two beautiful women.

    Sarah Hardwicke (Meg Ryan) is more of a desperate housewife than any of the ones on Wisteria Lane. Her family treats her as if she does nothing important all day long, her husband’s cheating on her and she’s got breast cancer. Her daughter Lucy (Kristin Stewart) is troubled by their relationship and finding the right guy to date. Both find themselves undeniably drawn to Carter and spilling their deepest feelings, despite the fact they barely know him.

    Of course, Carter spills back, because this is a “”chick flick,”” after all. He realizes from all the trials and tribulations of the women surrounding him that the most important thing is to be alive, rather than complaining about all the pain and heartache he’s experienced in his life.

    It’s sad to see Ryan minimized now to playing the mom role. It was not that long ago that she was the lead in all of the romantic dramas, but a couple of years have changed everything. Now she’s not really given as much action and is forced to share the screen time with the actress playing her hot young daughter.

    Usually it is Ryan who sends women flocking to the theaters, but Brody may end up being a bigger pull in this film, as he proves himself to be Hollywood’s best new male romantic lead. Few other actors in his age group would have worked well in this role.

    When Matthew McConaughey or someone of similar ilk stars in a romantic movie, women fall at their feet because of their good looks. Brody’s charm comes from the opposite end of the spectrum. He continues to channel his awkward and uncool character from “”The O.C.”” Despite the fact that by the end of the movie he’s kissed both female leads, you never question his motives. Because he’s so endearingly fumbling at every point, it never comes off like he’s trying to play them. It’s his “”everyday Joe”” persona that makes him appeal to women.

    In the Land of Women
    97 min.
    Warner Bros.
    Rating: 7/10

    All that’s missing is from this movie is a Death Cab for Cutie song on the soundtrack to complete its endearing charm, but if you’re willing to settle for OK Go, it’ll make for a great date movie to take your hipster girlfriend to see.

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