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    “On the Spot: T.J Zaleski, elementary education senior”

    You’re allowed to borrow Superman for an entire day. What do you make him do?


    You mean you haven’t thought about this?

    No, actually I haven’t. Take a day off, how about that?

    Say he let you redesign his entire superhero costume. What would you make it look like?

    Um, a bunny suit.

    Would you change his name from Superman to Superbunny?

    No, he can keep the name.

    Do you think there’s a hidden jealousy between Batman and Superman?

    Um, there could be.

    What do you think they’re most jealous of?

    Well, Batman’s got the more sleek costume. It’s all black. It’s got the pointed ears. Yeah, it’s pretty cool. Superman doesn’t. I think actually Superman’s jealous of Batman, not the other way around.

    I don’t think Superman would want the whole Robin baggage anyway.

    Yeah, that makes sense.

    How much did you spend on your last shopping trip?

    Um, I bought a car.

    What kind of car?

    A pickup truck.

    How much was it?

    17 grand.

    Did you haggle with them?

    Yeah, a little bit.

    How much did you haggle down?

    I think only, like, a grand or two, not too much.

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