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    Police Beat

    A man was arrested for driving while intoxicated inside the Sixth Street Garage, 1201 E. Sixth St., on Sept. 23 at 4:46 a.m.

    Police patrolling the garage on the third floor noticed a blue 2002 Acura RXS with the engine running and the lights on. The officer walked to the driver’s side window and saw a man reclined and asleep in the driver’s seat.

    After knocking several times on the window, the officer noticed the car was unlocked. He opened the door, turned off the engine and removed the keys from the ignition. Immediately the officer smelt the odor of intoxicants and saw an open Budweiser Light 12-ounce beer can that was one-third full in the cup holder. After many attempts the officer awoke the driver.

    He asked him five times for his driver’s license, but the man stared at the officer very confused and disoriented. Then the man laid his head back down and went back to sleep.

    The officer woke the man again and got him out of the vehicle. The man searched his wallet for his driver’s license and passed by it three times before handing it to the officer. The officer asked the man if he had been drinking, and he said, “”Yeah, I guess I just passed out,”” according to reports.

    The man’s speech was slurred, mumbled, slow and confused. His eyes were red, watery and bloodshot. His movement was slow and jerky, and the officer could smell the scent of intoxicants on his breath.

    The man performed field sobriety tests before police placed him under arrest for driving while intoxicated in the slightest degree and took him to the University of Arizona Police Department station, 1852 E. First St. After a 15-minute deprivation period, the man took two additional Breathalyzer tests indicating blood-alcohol contents of .184 and .180. In response to the results, the man said, “”I wasn’t driving. This sucks cause I just was getting my eye drops from my vehicle and I guess I just passed out,”” according to reports.

    The man was also arrested for extreme DUI and having spirituous liquor in a motor vehicle.

    He was released from the station to his girlfriend.

    Two female residents of La Paz Residence Hall, 602 N. Highland Ave., were diverted to the Dean of Students Office for possession of marijuana Sept. 24.

    Police responded to the hall, where they met with a resident assistant and the reporting party. A woman told the officers that she and her friends were studying in her room when her roommate rushed in with a bag of marijuana and showed it to everyone in the room.

    When asked where she got the marijuana, the roommate said that she paid $50 to a student on a floor above them. The woman and her friends left the room because they felt uncomfortable.

    They returned 30 minutes later and saw the roommate and one of her friends rolling the marijuana into a cigarette on top of a computer case. They left the room to smoke the marijuana, and the woman did not know where they went.

    The officer was able to use Scotch tape to remove bits of leftover marijuana left in plain sight on the computer case and told the woman to call if the two other women returned.

    Once the two women returned to the room, the officers were dispatched again to the residence hall. One of the officers sat down with the roommate and told her why they were there. She told the officer that she did not have any marijuana and that she had not smoked that night. The officer told her that he didn’t believe her story and waited for a response. The roommate began to fidget and told the officer that some other people had smoked marijuana outside the dorm earlier that night but that she did not smoke. The officer continued to look at her and she began to get nervous. She admitted to taking two or three “”hits”” off of someone else’s marijuana cigarette but said she didn’t possess any marijuana herself, according to reports.

    The officer searched her area of the room and found no marijuana. When asked if the officer could search her purse, the roommate said no because she had “”personal items”” that she did not feel comfortable showing to the officer, according to reports.

    Another officer then asked the woman about the marijuana. The officer later handed the other officer a small cellophane bag containing a green, leafy substance retrieved from the purse.

    Police are looking for a person who severely damaged part of a Papa John’s golf cart that was stolen and then found Sept. 24.

    The cart’s owner found it disabled near the Center for Creative Photography, 1030 N. Olive Drive. A co-worker told the owner that the last time the cart was used, he locked it up at the Student Union Memorial Center, 1303 E. University Blvd., with a chain and padlock that went through the steering wheel and frame.

    When the owner saw the cart near the CCP building, it was locked in the same manner, suggesting that a key was used to defeat the lock or that the vehicle was driven with the chain and lock attached.

    The vehicle had no damage to the ignition but had severe damage to the steering mechanism underneath the cart and was no longer drivable.

    No evidence was left at the scene. The owner and co-workers were able to push the cart back to the Union.

    Police Beat is compiled from official University of Arizona Police Department reports. A complete list of UAPD activity can be found at

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