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    Police Beat: March 30

    Random act of slapping

    A University of Arizona Police Department officer arrived to the Babcock Residence Hall on Thursday at 10:30 p.m. after a student reported that she had been assaulted.

    The student told the officer that she was in her room at 10:20 p.m. when a blonde woman knocked on her door.

    Once she answered the door, the woman in the hall asked her name and then slapped her across the face with her right hand.

    The victim told the officer that she recognized a man standing in the hallway recording the assault with his camera.

    When the officer went to the room where the resident assistant said the man lived, he was not there. The RA and the officer then went to the room of a resident who was housing a student from out of town for a few days. The man who had recorded the incident answered the door.

    After the officer asked to see the camera the video was recorded on, the man handed him the camera and said that the video was erased.

    The woman who slapped the victim was also in the room and was identified by a Washington driver’s license. She was read her rights before being interviewed.

    The woman said that the friend housing her had been angry with the victim for several months. She had been upset with her because of a previous incident in which she was sent to the hospital after getting hurt and somehow blames the victim.

    The resident and several friends had been talking about “”playing a joke”” on the victim and decided to have the visitor knock on her door and then slap her in the face while the man video taped it.

    After the officer explained the situation to the RA, he said he would refer all students involved in the assault to the Dean of Students.

    The woman who slapped the victim was arrested for assault and transported to the Pima County Jail.


    Smokin’ and walkin’

    Two UAPD officers were on patrol on Euclid Avenue and Fifth Street on Thursday at 9:10 p.m. when the officer driving could smell marijuana outside of his opened window.

    The officers turned around and circled the area until they found the place where the odor smelled the strongest.

    The officer saw two women walking east toward Euclid Avenue on Fifth Street. As they passed the women, the officer could see they were smoking.

    When the officer parked the car, he could see a plume of smoke trailing the women and one of the women threw an object on the ground and stomped it.

    The officer reported that both of the women smelled strongly of marijuana. They both identified themselves with Illinois identification cards.

    The woman who had thrown the marijuana cigarette on the ground told the officer that she was visiting a friend and got the marijuana from an unknown man. She walked with the other woman up Fifth Street so they could smoke it.

    The other woman said that the woman with whom she was walking was a friend of her roommate and she did not want the woman to walk alone, so she walked with her while she smoked. She told the officer that she had only had “”one puff”” of the cigarette.

    Both of the women were cited and released for possession of marijuana. A one-inch long marijuana cigarette was placed into property as evidence.


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