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    Police Beat: Jan. 20

    Party’s over

    On Jan. 14, a University of Arizona Police Department officer was on patrol when he noticed a woman sitting on the curb in front of the Alpha Epsilon Pi fraternity house.

    She appeared to be swaying back and forth while talking on the phone. When the officer got out of his car to talk to her she became uneasy and started to walk away.

    After asking if he could speak with her, she nodded her head, and he noticed her red, watery, bloodshot eyes, and that she was still swaying back and forth.

    The woman said she had not been drinking and told the officer she was 19. He asked to conduct a Horizontal Gaze Nystagmus test, and she refused because she did not know what it was.

    Horizontal Gaze Nystagmus is the involuntary movement of the eye due to alcohol, and is a form of a field sobriety test that officers use to support probable cause, according to UAPD Sgt. Juan Alvarez.

    Once the woman learned what the Horizontal Gaze Nystagmus test was, she told the officer it wasn’t necessary because she had been drinking in the Alpha Epsilon Pi fraternity house.

    When the officer asked for her CatCard for identification, she pulled out a white card and then quickly placed it back in her purse. The officer asked for the card she put back, and she said she didn’t have anything besides her CatCard and room key.

    He searched her purse and found a Washington Identification Card that was issued to a different woman who was 22 and looked like her.

    She claimed she found it when she was home in Oregon and was just holding on to it. The officer took the ID card and placed it into property, and the woman was arrested for underage drinking.

    While on the scene, the officer found out there was an unsanctioned event at the Alpha Epsilon Pi house, and fraternity officials were contacted because of underage drinking. The house was then cleared of all non-members.

    ‘It’s college’   

    A UAPD officer was on patrol Jan. 13 when he noticed two men walking in front of Park Student Union toward University Boulevard.

    The men were stumbling and rocking back and forth. The officer pulled over after he saw one of the men lean over a trash can and throw up.

    When he pulled over to talk with the men, one of them began to walk away while the other continued to lie on top of the trash can.

    He continued to walk away even after he was told to stop and claimed he just wanted to get back to his dorm. Both men were underage and identified by California driver’s licenses.

    The officer reported that both men had watery and bloodshot eyes. One of the men said, “”There are millions of kids on this campus drinking — why are you talking to us?””

    Both men were cited with minor possession. While being written up, the less drunk of the two became angry and kept saying, “”I know you have to be 21 to drink, but it’s college.””

    They were released and the incident was reported to the Dean of Students Office for Code of Conduct.

    Vandals spread silly string

    A facilities manager called UAPD to the Arizona Health Sciences Center on Jan. 14 to report vandalism.

    The woman was told by UA custodial services that there was damage done to multiple floors of the building.

    On the fourth floor, black marker lines were found all over the walls. There were paper shreddings thrown all over the seventh floor and orange silly string spread throughout the eighth floor.

    A window was also found broken in the eighth floor stairwell.

    Police took photos of the scene, and the mess was cleared. There are no witnesses or leads.

    ‘I promise I will never do it again’

    On Jan. 14, a UAPD officer was on bike patrol when he spotted two struggling men in the back of a pickup truck.

    The men seemed to be having trouble with their hand-eye coordination while trying to get out of the truck.

    As the officer went over to the men, he noticed bloodshot eyes, a strong smell of alcohol and slurred speech.

    One of the men began to stand but was unable to keep balance and instead sat down on the tailgate of the truck.

    While being questioned, the man began to cry and became very emotional, stating, “”I know I’ve been drinking,”” “”I just want to go to my room,”” and “”I promise I will never do it again.””

    The officer cited both men for underage drinking and escorted the emotional one back to his room.

    An hour later, paramedics were called to the man’s dorm room in response to reports of the man vomiting. He was not transported to the University Medical Center, but the incident was reported to the Dean of Students Office.

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