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    ‘White on Rice’ director inspired by eccentricity of average people

    You can catch the one and only local showing of Tucson native Dave Boyle’s second film, “”White on Rice,”” at The Loft Cinema this Thursday.

    The film follows the story of Jimmy (Hiroshi Watanabe), an awkward, dinosaur-obsessed 40-year-old “”kid.”” Due to his recent divorce, he bunks at his sister’s (Nae) and rooms with his 10-year-old nephew. His relatives “”just can’t seem to get rid of him,”” Boyle explained in an e-mail, which is fitting because the idioms “”stuck to you like white on rice”” or “”all over you like white on rice”” were Boyle’s inspiration for the title.

    It’s not a normal life. Jimmy’s on a quest to find a new wife, despite the fact that his brother-in-law, Tak (Mio Takada), has no faith in him whatsoever. Tak’s niece Ramona (Lynn Chen) moves in with them and becomes the object of Jimmy’s affection. He then makes it his duty to steal Ramona away from his dashing co-worker Tim (James Kyson Lee). Despite Jimmy’s best efforts, everything seems to go hilariously wrong.

    Not only can you see this newly celebrated comedy Thursday, but you can also meet Boyle, both the writer and director of the film.

    “”When I was a kid, I always wanted to be involved in some kind of storytelling. … I became fascinated by the process of making movies, and eventually that became my full-time obsession,”” Boyle said.

    The story had been something Boyle had in the back of his mind for a while. He met Watanabe while filming his 2006 directorial debut “”Big Dreams Little Tokyo,”” and the experience serendipitously led to this film, which caters to and is centered on Watanabe’s talents.

    Boyle said he is inspired by the people around him.

    “”I’m kind of a people watcher, and I am really interested in people who, for whatever reason, cannot hide who they are and how eccentric they are deep down inside,”” Boyle said. He wanted to make the characters believable and real, people the audience could actually know or become friends with during the duration of the film. 

    This movie was created purely for laughs and shows off Boyle’s sense of humor, he said. Despite the fact that it is a lesser-known film, if you give the film a chance you probably will enjoy it. It’s not one of those deep-meaning or hidden-message films, but it does have a positive vibe.

    “”I like to make movies that will cheer me up, and I hope people feel like a million bucks when they see this,”” Boyle said.

    Depending on the turnout, there may be a chance to bring the film back to Tucson for more showings.

    “”I think when people check it out, they will not be disappointed,”” Boyle said.

    “”White on Rice”” is playing at The Loft Cinema Thursday at 7 p.m. Tickets are $8.75 for adults, $6.50 with student and military discounts, $5.75 for children and seniors, and $4.75 for Loft members.


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