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    “On the Spot: Kendra Desler, sophomore majoring in political science and Spanish”

    What is one particular thing from the movie “”Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory”” that you wish was real?

    There’s so many. I’d say the river of chocolate, just because that would be really fun to swim in.

    So if you had a Nerds Rope and a piece of chocolate, what would you chose?

    Oh, chocolate, definitely. That’s my weakness, chocolate and ice cream.

    So you are a Hersey’s girl rather than a Wonka girl?

    Yeah, I like it dark.

    What are the top three things you are hoping to receive when you go trick or treating this year?

    Oh man, do I get to trick or treat? Am I too old for that?

    No, no.

    OK, Reese’s. I’m kind of weird. I like the Mounds. I am kind of a grandma with my candy. I really like Junior Mints. I get the old school, good stuff.

    Have you been to any of those haunted places like (The) Slaughter House?

    I haven’t been to any of those but we have this thing back at home that is like a haunted corn maze. I am missing it right now; it is really fun. They make like a pattern in the corn maze like a wolf or a scary guy. But anyways, they have these guys that hide out and chase you, but they aren’t allowed to touch you. No, it’s really scary.

    Have you seen “”Signs””?

    I am kind of a wimp with scary movies, I cry.

    What is the scariest movie you’ve ever watched?

    OK, this is really embarrassing but I watched “”The Grudge,”” with my dad and he fell asleep so I had to go wake my mom up and have her walk me upstairs.

    “”The Grudge”” is pretty bad.

    I hate the scary movies that could be real.

    Have you had any real-life scary experiences lately?

    Lately, no, but one time me and my friend decided to go up on this hill back home in Oregon and there is a cemetery up there, and we had a walkie-talkie with us, because her dad wanted to get a hold of us. So we were looking at this one grave and her dad came on the walkie-talkie and was like “”See any dead people yet?”” We just lost it and started running.

    — Caroline Nachazel


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