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    Spring break pushes students toward better, healthier lifestyles

    Whether students are going home for spring break or somewhere more scandalous, their beach bods have to be in perfect shape. It’s encouraging to see students getting in shape and choosing healthier foods. Even if all this effort is for only a week, students should keep the routine going for the rest of the semester, their time during college or better yet, their life.

    The Student Recreation Center has been packed to its fullest all day, and some students stay in their gym clothes throughout the school day to fit a workout in between their classes. They’re walking around campus with their CamelBaks almost empty because they choose to drink water instead of coffee or energy drinks and have an apple in hand instead of a candy bar.

    “Typically it (Rec Center) is a little busier in the spring than it is in the fall,” said Lynn Zwaagstra, director of Campus Recreation Center. “We definitely have seen an increase with personal training sessions since the spring semester began. It’s not out of the ordinary but it has increased for the past few weeks.”

    Students using the resources available to them to better their health is a smart idea.

    Although being packed into these locations like sardines is not the most pleasant experience, it’s uplifting to see everyone swimming laps or sweating their butts off (literally and figuratively) on the elliptical or treadmill.

    Arizona’s weather will heat up fast and soon it will be time to start taking those morning layers off and show off some skin. But getting ready for spring break shouldn’t just be about looks, it should be a reminder that a healthy lifestyle is reflected in a healthy body.

    Lunches and dinners are no longer a relaxing time to eat salads and sip on a smoothie because now everyone is trying to get the best of their greens. Lately, all of Fuel’s booths are taken, the line is almost at the doorway and there’s a 30-minute wait just for a sandwich. At Core, students pay about $10 for a salad with meat and about $7 for just the greens and some fruit. But hey, that’s the price they pay to eat healthier.

    “I’ve been working out more and eating more fruits and vegetables and less fried food,” said Reginald Payne, a biology freshman. “I see improvement in my body and I feel better. I’m not sure if I’m going to continue this routine. I’m not looking past spring break now.”

    Students still love their Highland burritos, burgers from Cellar Bistro and fried chicken strips at Cactus Grill, but in preparation for spring break, students are making a healthy choice by opting to eat their veggies, fruits and fitting in a work-out in their busy schedules. It’s a satisfying turnaround from seeing everyone scarf down quesadillas or cheeseburgers with milkshakes at 2 a.m. Whether students will continue this lifestyle after spring break is anyone’s guess, but it’s an encouraging trend that could be a good start to a healthy life in and out of college.

    — Cheryl Gamachi is a pre-journalism freshman. She can be reached at or on Twitter via @WildcatOpinions .

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