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    Zona Zoo e-mails embarrassing

    As a representative of the student body, the Zona Zoo is supposed to display Arizona Athletics spirit. I am very frustrated, however, about the Zona Zoo’s e-mail policy. The most recent e-mail about the Chipotle “”Superfan”” contest is riddled with grammatical errors and is going to be read by 12,000 students.

    The Zona Zoo needs to have an e-mail director whose sole responsibility is to send out the e-mails to Zona Zoo members and make them look professional and have correct grammar. It is all right to send out e-mails informing us about cool opportunities for students, but please do it the right way and make the e-mails somewhat more organized, rather than random notes sent to thousands of students. It not only reflects poorly on the Zona Zoo, but the entire university. Thank you for your time and


    -Scott Smith
    business economics senior

    Evolution ‘doesn’t fit all the facts’

    Since Taylor Kessinger brought it up in his column (‘Intelligent Design: an unintelligent idea,’ Friday), let’s talk about the “”theory”” of evolution.

    Scientists use the geologic column to build the evolutionary tree. For those who don’t know, the geologic column is a series of rock layers that range from Pre-

    Cambrian through the Tertiary ages. Simple life is at the bottom of the column and the more complex the life form gets, the closer to the top of the column it falls.

    The problem with the geologic column is that it doesn’t really exist. I’m not saying that the rock isn’t real. But places where scientists point to the geologic column don’t have fossils. A popular place they point to is in North Dakota. The column is there, but not all the fossils are. In fact, there is no single place in the world where the geologic column exists and contains a plethora of fossils throughout every layer.

    Why is this a problem? Because scientists have to fill in these gaps somehow. To do this, they find fossils in other parts of the world and “”fit them in”” according to the theory of evolution! They assume evolution is true to build the geologic column, then use the column as a proof of the theory of evolution.

    The scientific method demands that if a hypothesis doesn’t fit the facts, a new hypothesis must be created. That’s not at all what scientists are doing with the “”theory”” of evolution. They have latched onto this “”theory”” and are going to sink or swim with it. They continue to try and tweak it with impressive sounding names like “”punctuated equilibrium,”” but evolution just doesn’t fit all the facts. Just because nine million tests haven’t proved it wrong doesn’t mean that it’s right.

    -Josh Gordon
    UA student

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