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    Leggings: Simplicity and fit are key

    It has come to my attention people hold a deep hatred for leggings.

    It is thought that they should not be worn as pants, are unfashionable, are only for working out or are see through when a certain light hits them.

    I, however, am here to tell you, I am pro-leggings and proud.

    The “modern” legging originated in the 1960s and was often worn with a large belt and heels. Having slightly fallen out of fashion, they made a comeback in the 1980s. Featured in the movie, “Flashdance,” and the Broadway musical, “A Chorus Line,” the dancewear became acceptable for the street and a fashion statement. (Ask your mom, I’m sure she has some ‘80s pictures rocking the spandex and a crop top. Actually, on second thought, some things are better left unseen.)

    Like all great eras with distinctive fashion trends, the ‘80s have made a comeback. Just look at the barrage of neon colors, bangles and leggings in black, stripes, floral, neon and just about any other print you can think of. Just because they come in these crazy prints, however, does not mean it is always OK to wear them.

    I believe leggings were made to be pants, and the idea that they should be used as tights is unsatisfying.

    The solution is to stop wearing them with crop tops and tight tanks. This once risqué fashion is no longer in style. I don’t care how great your body is, leggings should be worn with a shirt that covers the majority of your derrière.

    The reason people think they are unfashionable is because there are always fashion mistakes where the pattern looks like the floral print on your grandma’s couch.

    Simplicity goes a long way when choosing leggings.

    Now, I do believe that leggings can also be worn for working out. I do have a slight problem with it, though. Girls often put leggings and a tank top on with some tennis shoes and go to school. They think this sort of laziness in getting ready is OK because people will think they are going, or just went to, the gym.

    You’re not fooling anyone. If you want to wear leggings to school, make them cute with an off-the-shoulder, oversize shirt and strappy sandals. If you are wearing leggings to the gym, change before class.

    Finally, to address the issue of onlookers being able to see through the spandex: This is a growing epidemic. I don’t know if some girls are still wearing their high school leggings, post-Freshman 15, or if they don’t understand that leggings can be too tight just like normal pants, but I am here to tell you to be smart while buying.

    If you can see through them, they do not fit.

    It also doesn’t help that Forever 21 leggings for $9.99 have almost no material to them. If you want to wear leggings as a fashion statement, spend a little extra and get some that are appropriate for public.

    Girls wearing too tight leggings, leggings with unacceptably bold prints and leggings with workout gear around campus for the day have given them a bad name. While I believe that they can, obviously, be worn the wrong way, I also believe that they are trendy and cute when paired with the right outfit.

    ­— Ashley Pearlstein is a journalism junior. She can be reached at

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