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    ‘Unity’ threatens to quash dissent

    Hope. Change. Unity. These words inspired the historic movement that brought Barack Obama into the Oval Office. Now, the time of change is upon us. We are no longer mere Obama supporters in the election season. President Obama is finally our president.

    Yet, in this new era, we must go beyond Obama posters in our dorm rooms and memberships to Obama Facebook groups. I would urge us all, as Americans, to join the ranks of those who hail President Obama as The Anointed One. Do as He desires. Treat Him as He demands to be treated. Do not question Him! If you must vent your frustrations, do so upon the few dissidents left, not the White House or the Democrats in Congress.

    What else would we do? By all means, we could ensure that the government is truly serving us (rather than vice versa), but that would be too divisive and partisan. Partisanship may be the defense of one’s principles and beliefs, but 54 percent of the American voters decided that President Obama’s ideas are better, so partisanship is un-American. After all, President Obama is post-partisan, regardless of inability to be moderate on any issue. For example, even when he was only the President-Elect, he said to House Republicans, “”Bring me your ideas.”” Recently, Congressman Cantor brought some ideas to the President’s meeting on the stimulus package, and Obama listened. President Obama also responded with, “”Well, I’m going to trump you on that. I won, and we’re not going to do that,”” but the point is that Obama listened.

    Also, keep in mind headlinemaking talk-radio blowhard Rush Limbaugh. Believe it or not, he actually said of President Obama, “”I know what his politics are. I know what his plans are, as he has stated them. I don’t want them to succeed.”” Now wait, even if you have the inclination to give Limbaugh’s words some thought, don’t – even before this, President Obama specifically instructed sympathizersto conservatism not to listen to Rush Limbaugh. I mean, President Obama is historic! Wishing failure upon a historic government’s ill-conceived policies is tantamount to wishing a civil war upon the Teletubbies.

    The cold, hard truth is that President Obama is unity. If you disagree with him, you’re at fault for destroying not only unity, but the change and hope that comes along with it. That’s high treason, if you ask me. Do Rush Limbaugh and the Republicans not understand that now is the time, and our moment, to fall in line?

    Most Obama supporters have been saying for eight years that if we want to stop a government action before it is underway, we should make our opposition clear to Congress and the President. President Obama will probably be as flawless as we all imagined, but he can only be president for two terms so we might as well stay in the habit of making sure things are done right. Start with the new policies around.

    Take a serious look at where all those hundreds of billions of dollars are going to in the stimulus package, and consider whether you would prefer to have more freedom with your earned money or want it redistributed by Congress. Decide whether you have unyielding support for the focus on diplomacy that, according to President Obama, holds “”humility”” and the “”moral high ground”” above military strength when it comes to our nation’s security. If President Obama is our Messiah, it would be a sin to not direct our religious zeal towards His miracles.

    Regardless of party or election activities, we are all citizens who can have a say in our nation’s policies. Enough people opposed the stimulus that, regardless of its passing – and the resulting White House celebration complete with $100 steak and vodka martinis – not a single House Republican voted for it.This makes a clear and confident statement of who is responsible for it whether it elevates our country or makes it crumble like the Cardinals’ defense at the end of the Super Bowl. If President Obama is as revolutionary as we say he is, we have the opportunity, more than ever, to not merely hope, but have our say.

    This is especially true for the old Obamaniacs who felt a fashionable surge of power in politics and still have the chance to influence America’s government rather than take a hopeful back seat. We can, and should, make our wishes clear. Now there’s a change I can believe in.

    – Daniel Greenberg is a political science junior. He can be reached at

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