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Aubrey Thrower: The soon-to-be University of Arizona graduate that’s been there and done that


Aubrey Thrower in front of Old Main. (Courtesy Chris Richards)

“Get involved” is the advice just about every college student hears at one point or another. But what does that look like?

Aubrey Thrower, a University of Arizona senior graduating this spring with a degree in marketing and informational systems, is the perfect example of a student “getting involved.” Thrower joined GreekLife and a dance team, became the president of the Arizona Ambassadors club, lived the honorary life and aided in bringing the company Duffl to campus.

The soon-to-be graduate explained why she chose the UA in the first place.

“I really wanted a school that was big enough that no matter what I did I could have any opportunity I needed. Like if I wanted to spontaneously go to medical school I could have the research opportunities for that. But I also wanted to go to a school that was small enough that felt like a community. I could feel like I was on a college campus and see my friends on the way to class,” Thrower said.

Thrower explained the role GreekLife has played in her campus involvement. 

“Through GreekLife, I was a recruitment counselor my junior year. That was one of my favorite college experiences to date. Especially through COVID-19, I enjoyed having a bunch of freshmen to mentor and show them how much I loved the [UA] and how they could get involved,” Thrower said

Thrower is also involved with the Ardor Dance Company, the UA’s contemporary dance company. 

“I also joined the Ardor Dance Company. I joined my freshman year. It was in its first-ever semester my freshman year so I’m one of the founding members. That’s grown so much over my four years. That’s one of my proudest moments, watching the team grow,” Thrower said.

Thrower recalled how she became very involved as an Arizona Ambassador and campus tour guide and spoke about what pushed her to join.

“I loved it when I went on my campus tour, so I applied. That’s how I became an ambassador. I ended up getting really involved, I was at all the meetings and realized this was something I really wanted to do. I kind of went out on a limb and in my sophomore year, I applied to be the director of membership. That was so much fun getting to mentor young tour guides. I was also the president of ambassadors,” Thrower said. 

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Thrower explained what her position entailed as the Arizona Ambassador president.

“I was kind of in the come back from the pandemic era so we had to retrain everyone who was already an ambassador as well as completely change the tour route due to COVID-19. So my presidency was all about keeping everyone engaged, and morale up,” Thrower said.

In addition to Arizona Ambassadors, Thrower had a big part in Honoraries on campus.

“An honorary is in the middle between GreekLife and student council. It’s like a co-ed social club but really involved with the traditions at the University of Arizona. That’s Homecoming, Spring Fling, giving day, anything we have. Links — junior honorary — is a little more social. Bobcats — senior honorary — is run through the alumni association so we work really closely with alumni,” Thrower said.

Thrower explained what being a Bobcat Honorary was like in her experience. 

“I applied to Bobcats, and they select 13 seniors. It’s usually seniors who have been in previous leadership positions and want to keep giving back to the school even after they graduate. I applied, got in and now I’m the vice president and selections chair,” Thrower said. 

The President of Bobcats senior honorary, Matt Meyers, explained what it’s like working closely with Thrower.

“Something that’s amazing about Aubrey is everyone that meets her, no matter how long you know, you truly feel like her best friend. She makes everyone feel that special. She makes every relationship feel important,” Meyers said. 

Thrower’s roommate and friend, Hannah Johnson, spoke about her character and overwhelming presence on campus. 

“I walk around campus with her and it’s like walking around with someone running for president. She talks to everybody she sees. She’s just so bubbly and fun, and I like to think of her as the color yellow because she’s so bright and happy,” Johnson said.

In addition to UA-related activities, Thrower has close involvement with Duffl’s UA sector. Duffl is a quick delivery service geared toward college campuses that offers products such as snacks and drinks.    

“There’s a startup company at UCLA called Duffl. Basically, it’s a delivery service on electric scooters. I interviewed to be an ambassador and now I run the Instagram. I’m their content cadet,” Thrower said.

Thrower explained her post-graduation plans and where she intends to apply her energy and experience next.

“I would like to work for a marketing agency in Tucson. I want to find something that I actually like to do,” Thrower said.

Thrower’s advice for college students is simple, yet something that she said helped her over the past several years.

“Do things that really scare you. I wasn’t a tour guide type person my freshman year and I learned how to do it. You can do things you don’t think you’re capable of as long as you’re excited about it. Do things that you are excited about and passionate about. You’re only in college once,” Thrower said. 

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