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    Police Beat: April 21

    Two bikes, one trespasser

    A non-UA affiliated man was warned for trespassing on April 17.

    A University of Arizona Police Department officer was patrolling near the Arizona-Sonora Residence Halls when he noticed a man riding a bicycle and towing a second bicycle by his side.

    After seeing the second bike, the officer began to question the man in front of the dorm.

    Shortly after speaking with him, the man began yelling, “”I need some witnesses! This cop is harassing me!””

    When he refused to identify himself, the officer called for backup.

    Once additional officers arrived on the scene, the man identified himself and began yelling at the other officers.

    He refused to get off his bike and waved his arms in a threatening manner.

    The man was then handcuffed and sat on a nearby bench.

    He first told the officers that he was a UA student. Shortly thereafter, he retracted his claim and admitted to being a student at Pima Community College.

    He also claimed to be working at the anthropology lab under a professor.

    A check with UAPD dispatch showed that the man was not a student or employee of UA or even a student at Pima.

    The officer decided to warn him for trespassing and ordered him to leave the area.

    An officer took photos of the bikes and the man. He then released the man from the handcuffs and gave him the bicycles.

    The photos were placed into UAPD property as evidence.

    Father informs police of missing son’s whereabouts

    A male UA student vanished for two days on April 15.

    UAPD was contacted on April 17 about the student’s disappearance, and an officer was dispatched to Villa del Puente Residence Hall at 2:10 p.m.

    Upon arrival, the officer met with the resident assistant who escorted him to the student’s room.

    The officer attempted to contact the student via telephone, but did not reach him.

    The officer knocked on the door, to no effect, and then requested entry into the room.

    The RA was able to open the door with permission from the community director.

    No evidence in the room was found as to the student’s whereabouts.

    After searching the room, the officer contacted the student’s roommate.

    The roommate said that the student had vomited blood and was going to the University Medical Center for evaluation.

    He also said that the student’s mother was with him.

    The roommate mentioned that it was strange that he hadn’t seen or heard from his roommate because they usually spoke daily.

    The officer then contacted the student’s girlfriend, who also said that she hadn’t heard from him since April 14.

    According to the girlfriend, they had broken up on April 10 but got back together on April 13.

    She and the student’s father both told police that it was unusual for him to not contact them.

    The student’s father hadn’t heard from him since April 15, and although his mother works in Tucson, she had not taken him to the UMC.

    Four hours after the officer investigated at the dorm, another officer responded to the room to see if the student had returned.

    The student’s roommate told the officer that he had received a text message from the student saying that he was OK.

    At 7:45 p.m., the officer heard from the student’s father who said that his son was all right and further action was not required.

    At 7:57 p.m., the attempt to locate broadcast to UAPD was deleted.

    The Dean of Students Office was also informed that the student was fine.

    Professor shaken by friend request

    A UA professor reported a suspicious friend request to UAPD on April 17.

    Although he did not feel threatened by the request, he felt that the event being hosted on campus, on April 20, could be at risk.

    In the request, the stranger mentioned that he would attend an event on the UA Mall for a reading of the “”Iliad.””

    According to the professor, the person in question had posts with quotes from the film “”American Psycho,”” like “”I am the god of hell fire”” and “”I want to watch the world burn.””

    These posts were the professor’s only cause for concern.

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