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    Why bros love Taylor Swift

    This might sound unbelievable, but it’s true: I know a significant number of bros (myself included) who are fans of Taylor Swift. I don’t offer disclaimers to friends going through my iPod, and I have definitely been caught at stoplights singing along to “Mine” loudly.

    Of course, it’s not something we’d admit publicly on Facebook. We won’t be found among the throngs of preteens at her shows and the majority of us don’t own any merchandise — but we’ll be damned if we don’t know “Mean” by heart. And there’s no need to be ashamed of it, because there are many acceptable reasons why we bros love T-Swift.

    Musician bros: She writes her own music. There’s no magic curtain with this girl — her material is all her own and all original. Sure, she may need a co-writer on a song here or there, but find me any budding Nashville starlet that says she’s 100 percent her own songwriter and I’ll show you a liar.

    Fraternity bros: Serenade material. Nothing screams “Homecoming” like “Our Song” in three part vocal harmony. I need say no more. Plus, have you seen the girl? Not only does she have the voice of a baby angel, but she’s like 17 feet of legs and blond hair, coupled with a great sense of humor. (Don’t believe me? Check out her rapping on her Youtube channel.)

    Closeted romantic bros: Girls love Taylor. We like girls. Therefore, we love Taylor. Admitting that you like Taylor Swift to a girl not only shows her you’re sensitive, but is also an easy way to strike up a conversation. Not only is this a less emasculating way of keeping up with Taylor’s boy drama (in lieu of gossip magazines) but we also learn to hate the kind of guys Taylor tends to date; Joe Jonas, Taylor Lautner and John Mayer (who was already kind of a tool to begin with) and try not to be like them.

    Besides, realizing you and your new female friend both interpreted “Back To December” the same way can be a fantastic icebreaker.

    So what have we learned? Taylor’s like pizza. Cold or fresh out of the oven, she’s still great. The level of adoration she’s received in such a short period garners her a Marilyn Monroe-level of affability, that classic face for marketing campaigns of all variations and a true set of pop sensibilities that is a rare element in the modern music industry.

    So Bromeo, don’t be ashamed. T-Swift is a damn fine Juliet.

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