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    This month on Netflix: ‘Zootopia,’ ‘Narcos,’ ‘Top Gun’

    If you’re reading this, it’s already too late. The semester has begun, and we students now find ourselves missing those summer days by the pool more than ever.

    Luckily, there exists a cure for the stress and depression that comes with attending college—binge watching some good ol’ Netflix.

    Although “Netflix and chill” has started to feel like a somewhat out-dated phrase, Netflix, by no means, feels out-dated. The streaming giant continues to add more and more content each month and September is no different.

    Next time you feel sick to your stomach with college-osis, check out one of these September Netflix highlights.

    If you find yourself in the mood for a classic film, Netflix has you set. On Sept. 1, feel free to indulge in Steven Spielberg’s epic war film “Saving Private Ryan” or watch a young Tom Cruise fly around in a plane in “Top Gun.”

    If those don’t appeal to you, Spielberg’s “Jaws” will also hit the site, as well as the other three “Jaws” movies. The first film is, of course, a classic but by the time you’re watching “Jaws: The Revenge,” you may be drawing parallels to the “Sharknado” film saga.

    Sept. 2 brings the month’s most highly anticipated Netflix release—season two of the critically acclaimed Netflix original series, “Narcos.” The new season will surely please fans itching to see the next chapter in Pablo Escobar’s life. Let’s just hope season two does the show justice. Just grab all your drug-dealer friends and binge watch the entire season.

    Remember, kids—it’s better to watch drug dealers on television than to actually become one.

    Any avid filmgoer knows that 2016 has proven to not exactly be the year for blockbusters, but it surely came through in the animated-family-film department.

    On Sept. 20, one of the best animated films to grace the silver screen in years will hit Netflix.

    “Zootopia” tells the story of police officer Judy Hopps, an ambitious small-town bunny determined to prove herself in the cut-throat city of Zootopia. After accidentally getting paired up with a fox named Nick Wilde, the two set out to find what exactly keeps making certain animals “go savage.”

    The film boasts dazzling animation, clever writing and timely messages of inclusivity. This one really does have something for everybody at home to enjoy.

    Marvel Studios has obviously taken over the big screen with the “Avengers” films and now even more so with the constantly expanding Marvel Cinematic Universe, which has characters fighting crime on the small screen as well. On Sept. 30, fans of Marvel shows like “Daredevil” and “Jessica Jones” will have something to get excited about because that’s when season one of Marvel’s “Luke Cage” will hit Netflix.

    Fans already got introduced to Luke Cage in the Jessica Jones series, but now the character will officially make a name for himself with his very own show.

    As long as Netflix keeps ‘em coming, people will keep watching.

    Netflix has figured this out and they do not appear to show signs of stopping any time soon.

    Next time you have some free time, just kick back, relax and use Netflix to temporarily drown out your sorrows and forget about the various stresses of college life.

    Honorable mentions:

    • Sept. 1: “Footloose,” “True Grit” (1969)

    • Sept. 7: “The Blacklist” (season 3)

    • Sept. 13: “London Has Fallen”

    • Sept. 15: “The Walking Dead” (season 6)

    • Sept. 20: “New Girl” (season 5)

    • Sept. 22: Netflix original “Easy” (season 1)

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