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    Athlete of the week: Antoine Cason

    Antoine Cason
    Antoine Cason

    Editor’s note: The Wildcat caught up with junior cornerback Antoine Cason to discuss his 12-tackle performance on Saturday – including his ninth career interception, off USC’s John David Booty – and his thoughts on 2007’s mock NFL drafts.

    Wildcat: Who is Antoine Cason?

    Antoine Cason: Ah man, I’m laid back. I just like to chill out. I make jokes and have fun. That’s pretty much it.

    W: Second quarter against USC. Ninth career interception. It looked like you kind of baited Booty a little bit and made him think he had (USC receiver Dwayne) Jarrett open. Take me through your thought process.

    C: I saw the split, and I knew he was either going post, or post-corner, and when he gave me the stick, I kind of read through Jarrett to Booty, and his shoulders were to the sideline the whole way, and I broke on it and just made the play.

    W: Would you say you got the better of that matchup between you and Jarrett?

    C: I think so. You know, he only had four catches, and they tried to throw it to him a couple more times, but he’s a good receiver and I think I got the better of it.

    W: Some of the mock drafts out there have you as the No. 1 corner in the 2007 draft class. Do you have any thoughts on that?

    C: That’s amazing. And I want to keep building on that. That’s, of course, I think everyone’s dream, is to go play (in the NFL). But, you know, I have to keep playing. And I want to keep being the No. 1 guy in people’s mock drafts and all that stuff, but I’m just out here working as hard as I can to better myself.

    W: You haven’t actually reached the end zone yet in your career here at Arizona, but if you do, do you have any kind of dance or special celebration planned?

    C: I would like to, but I don’t want to get that kind of penalty for my team, so I won’t be selfish. I would save it for sidelines. But there is something that – I do want to do a couple things.

    W: You’re a political science major, so any midterm election thoughts or any philosophies from Antoine Cason?

    C: Uhhh, no. (Laughs) That’s kind of tough, but, no, not as of now.

    W: You’re dad played for the NFL’s Atlanta Falcons in the 80s. What kind of impact did that have on your life?

    C: It had a huge impact, because – he’s also my father – but he played the position I play, and played it at the highest level. So, listening to him – you pretty much have to, because he’s been there and done that. I pretty much just listen as much as I can and take in the things that he teaches me, and I take it to heart and work on them.

    W: Is there a receiver that you’d like to match up with that you haven’t yet?

    C: Oh, that’s a good question. Jarrett was pretty much who I wanted to play this year, Jarrett and (USC teammate) Steve Smith. I would like to go against those Oregon receivers. They talk a lot, those guys, and I’m ready for them, too.

    W: Have you ever been stopped on campus, and if so, what’s been your weirdest experience?

    C: I was walking across the (UA) Mall, and there was about four guys that’d I’d never seen before, and I really didn’t pay attention to them. They were walking the other direction, and one of them screamed out “”Antoine Cason!”” and I looked, and then I waived. And they said, “”All-American, that’s right! You’re the best corner in the nation right now, keep it up! We’re you’re biggest fans, we’re behind you all the way. You’re bad-ass!”” And they just kept raving about that. It was like, “”Whoah, what do I say that that?”” So I was just like, “”Thanks.”” You know, I didn’t know what to say.

    – As told to Ryan Casey

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