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    A spy novel . . . sort of

    Travis Anderson is hoping he’s crazy.

    He’s a millionaire that owns his own business and loves his wife and child. But he also has dreams that his wife is cheating on him, gets really good premonitions of the future and spends his work day correctly guessing the color of a cow instead of actually working, while his partner steals money from the company. He starts drinking heavily and that only makes everything worse. Eventually, it all gets to him and his life goes to hell. The IRS begins to investigate, but instead of checking for tax evasion, they turn out to be a government agency called Shimmer Inc. recruiting psychics through the cow. Travis is ecstatic, until he learns about all the nonsense that comes along with being a government-employed psychic.

    In his first novel, author Will Clarke has created an insane story, built around a hilarious character with nearly no morals. Though absurdly titled, “”Lord Vishnu’s Love Handles: A Spy Novel (Sort Of)”” is just that. Travis is no psychic agent and unlike a story where the main character suddenly becomes adept at what he does, Travis is fumbling around in the dark for most of the book and it’s hysterical. Pretending to enter rehab for his alcohol problem, he goes into psychic training and that’s where things get really crazy. He meets quite a few peculiar characters in training, like a fellow psychic who is a religious extremist and an albino brother-and-sister pair that speak at exactly the same time. He also starts seeing Lord Vishnu, who he fondly refers to as “”the blue motherfucker.””

    It’s such a bizarre story, but the fact that Travis himself is the wrong person for this job (and doesn’t let anyone forget it) makes it believable and the plotline is somehow logical.

    It’s difficult to classify this book into any sort of genre, but it’s definitely hard not to laugh out loud with the thoughts going through Travis’ head. And even if the book sounds a little too wild, there’s still to see if you’ve got psychic powers too.

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