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    Looking Back: The Black Friday battle

    Thanksgiving break has come and gone. Leftovers are dwindling away, we are back to a five-day week and the stress of homework and the many other deadlines which ring in the end of the semester are bearing down on us. But at least we have winter break to look forward to — the beacon of light at the end of that seemingly endless final exam tunnel.

    Yet, for all the merriment and joy that comes with the holiday season, it sure takes a toll on that checking account, doesn’t it? But there are those select few who try to avoid the seemingly inevitable holiday spending spree — those expert holiday deal shoppers. They are the cut-throat competitors of the shopping world. Yes, you know the people I am speaking of — the Black Friday Shoppers. Those who wake up at 3 a.m. to line up for those 4 a.m. sales. The master shopping cart maneuverers. The skilled elbow jabbers. They are the gladiators of holiday deals. Brave, dedicated and thrifty.    

    Are you one of these day-after-Thanksgiving champions? If not, let’s take a closer look at some of the ruthless fighters in the market arena.

    The Sleep-Sacrificing Shopper:

    “”I started at 12 a.m. and went until 6 a.m.”” said dance sophomore Brittany O’Daniel, recalling her Friday morning mission to Target and the Paradise Valley Mall in Phoenix. “”There was nothing crazy, just big crowds and almost getting mauled over when the doors opened. I went with my best friend, and we stayed up all night.””

    The Sideline Cheerer:

    “”I saw two ladies fight over a purple shoe in Macy’s,”” recalled dance freshman Kelly Moeller. “”They reached for it at the same time and started screaming at each other. A worker had to break them up. But they kept at it and never really calmed down. They definitely didn’t have the Christmas spirit.””

    The Wait-Until-I-Know-I-Won’t-Get-Mauled Shopper:

    Dance sophomore Kenny Borchard did not hit the mall until 5 p.m. “”There was no way I was going to get out in those morning crowds,”” Borchard said. “”I did get some sweet Nike Shocks, though. I felt kind of guilty after I bought them since they were still $100, but when I was walking out of the store I found forty bucks on the ground! No lie. So, then it was only like I spent sixty.””

    The Die-Hard Shopper:

    “”My friend and I set my alarm for 4 a.m. because we heard Target was going to be giving away free stuff. Plus, my friend wanted to try to get this $3 coffee maker,”” said dance sophomore Kayla Willet. “”But when my alarm went off we didn’t hear it because it was super soft, and my mom ran into my room at like 5:09 a.m. screaming at us to wake up. We managed to get ready in like three minutes and were literally in the car by 5:11 a.m. By the time we got to Target, the coffee maker was gone. But my friend saw a toaster that was advertised as $3 as well just chilling in someone’s cart. No one was near it, so she snatched it out!””

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