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    On the Spot

    We saw pre-nursing freshman Zac Tolley walking down North Park Avenue in front of Wilko.

    Wildcat: OK, you’re on the spot. So tell me about some of your prior experiences.

    Tolley: With what?

    W: On the job. Things that have made you a better worker.

    T: The only job I’ve had is a lifeguard.

    W: What skills did you learn?

    T: I can do CPR and AED. Automated External Defibrilator.

    W: So tell me about some time in your life when you’ve used a problem solving technique to overcome an obstacle.

    T: I had to juggle some plans around prom, and that was a pretty intense situation.

    W: In high school?

    T: Yeah. We were dealing with some crazy, emotional people.

    W: What’s more important: honesty or precision?

    T: I think they’re both pretty important because you have to be honest in your life, or else who’s going to want to be around you? You’ve got to be precise because no one wants a sloppy person, I guess.

    W: If you had to choose one…

    T: I think precision because it seems like you’d be more able to do…

    W: More things at once?

    T: Yeah.

    W: Say you were an employee, and you went outside and saw another employee smoking weed outside on their break. Would you tell a manager?

    T: I think I would talk to them first. I wouldn’t rat them out first. I would say, ‘Hey, you shouldn’t do marijuana at work. You can get fired. And if they see me with you, I might get fired.’

    W: It’s important though that no employees smoke marijuana.

    T: Yeah.


    W: (Takes a random CD out of purse.) Who you Gonna Run To by Solid Gold. Sell me this CD.

    T: (Picks it up and starts motioning to it.) OK, well, it’s very original artwork. It’s very postmodern. And as you can see, this is a very basic, simple, yet elegant design. The genre is simply all around as you can see, there’s no distinguishing thing that discriminates any one demographic. It’s a very, accommodating music style.

    W: What about the music itself?

    T: It’s very upbeat. Got some classy font here. There’s some really interesting pictures. You’ve got band pictures here so you know what they’re kind of about. You can see what their style is.

    W: Last thing, what are your available hours?

    T: Probably afternoon, evening. Stuff like that.

    W: OK, I’ll call you. Thanks.

    – interview by Andi Berlin

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