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    Border display on Mall ‘inappropriate’

    As I read Laura Donovan’s article about the border fence on the Mall, I could not agree with her more. The wall is inappropriate and offensive. Yes, the large number of illegal immigrant deaths is a tragedy, but the unlawful decisions they made ultimately led to their deaths. As I was walking past the fence on my way to class I read a banner quoting President Reagan, saying, “”Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall.”” That quote was referring to the fence splitting “”communist”” Germany and “”free”” Germany. President Reagan also once said, “”A nation without borders is not a nation.”” This quote would be much more applicable to this situation. Our border fence not only helps keep out illegal immigrants, but it helps secure us from the threat of terrorists who will try to enter through it.

    Brandon Johnson
    criminal justice freshman

    Older UA students desire higher education

    Gee, thanks, Laura, I was unaware that I was making my fellow students uncomfortable until you let me know (“”Older students elicit mixed emotions,”” Sept. 16, 2008). Here I thought we were all just into higher education; now I know I am an anachronism. Without your observations, I probably would have continued to be involved in my courses and raised my hand and contributed stuff. … now I know I should sit there and shut up, because I might make someone uncomfortable with my life experience.

    Guess what, you young’uns, you are going to have to look at a lot of us old farts, cuz we are going to be everywhere, what with reaching retirement age and all. So sorry if it makes you uncomfortable. I raised my children to appreciate all those in life who are making an effort to better themselves, their community and their fellow citizens, and that it is never too late to do what you really want to do. Too bad your parents didn’t.

    Deborah Welter
    history senior

    Bicyclists must follow traffic laws

    I read the article about the dangers of being a cyclist on streets off campus but I would like to address what I think to be the bigger issue. Students and other bicyclists do not know the first rules of bike safety. On campus I rarely see a cyclist signal as to which direction they are going in. I also rarely see cyclists come to a complete stop at stop signs.

    I am not surprised that bicyclists are concerned for their safety because a car does not have any reaction time if the bicycle doesn’t even follow regular traffic patterns. Here’s a tip to all those bicyclists out there. You are required to follow the same traffic laws as a car when you are riding in the bike lane. That means you must signal with your hand what direction you are turning and you must stop at stop signs. If you choose not to do these things and/or choose not to wear a helmet then you are as much at fault as the person who hits you.

    Ronit Stern
    orientation assistant

    Wildcat failed to cover cross-country event

    I was very disappointed to see no acknowledgment of the Dave Murray Cross-Country Invitational in the Friday edition of the Daily Wildcat. The Arizona cross-country teams only have one home meet each season. In general, cross-country does not garner a lot of support from the outside community. The home meet is the only venue that allows the talented runners to show off their abilities to the local community. In the future, please give the cross-country runners the support they deserve and announce their home meet in the newspaper.

    Angelina Cabrera
    business management senior

    Donovan’s columns ‘never dull’

    Bienvenue to Laura Donovan. Never dull, shockingly controversial and thought-provoking at the same time. Please don’t clip her wings. I have a new reason to pick up the Daily Wildcat on Tuesdays.

    Robert Harrold
    family studies and human development junior

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