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    Twilight’s cult following rightfully won

    Every few minutes a new “”Twilight”” bumper sticker appears on Facebook’s newsfeed. These bumper stickers display quotes ranging from “”Only a vampire can love you forever”” to “”What do you mean Edward isn’t real?”” There is one quote in particular that reveals the root of obsession with the series perfectly: “”Edward Cullen is for women what sex is for men: on our minds every seven seconds.””

    That is exactly it. From the instant a girl picks up the first book, “”Twilight,”” she can do nothing but swoon over Edward, the gorgeous and chivalrous vampire, while feeling extremely jealous of his undying love for Bella Swan.

    Wait, vampires? Aren’t college students a little old for vampire stories? This series proves that no one is ever too old for legends and folklore. The Twilight Saga engulfs you in a tale of romance, suspense and adventure, always leaving you thirsty for more.

    In “”Twilight,”” Bella moves from Phoenix, author Stephenie Meyer’s hometown, to live with her father in Forks, Wash. Here she meets Edward, whom she believes is too perfect to be human. She’s right. The affection brewing between them is far from conventional. Edward’s passionate love for Bella outweighs his continuous, burning craving for her blood. Being clumsy and always accidentally getting herself into danger, Bella is Edward’s damsel in distress. As the saga continues, the action and suspense thicken.

    After complicated twists and turns in the plot, Bella now deals with the depression of losing the one she loves most, Edward. In the second book, “”New Moon,”” Meyer enthralls readers with the mess Edward leaves in his absence. Bella, a magnet for the supernatural, acquires a new admirer: Jacob, a werewolf. Jacob acts as Bella’s knight in shining armor, keeping her from the wrath of Victoria, a vampire looking to kill Bella because Edward killed her mate. Bella, who never wants anyone to be in danger to save her, shows her courageous side when she puts herself in peril to save Edward from the most powerful vampires in the world.

    Constantly having her life in danger doesn’t bother Bella, because there is nothing she wants more than Edward – except for one tiny thing: to be a vampire. In book three, “”Eclipse,”” Bella makes two vital decisions: between human life and vampire life, and between Edward’s love and Jacob’s friendship. Meyer hooks in the suspense of the adventure as Bella is saved from the same vindictive vampire, Victoria, and her new army.

    Meyer wraps up her saga skillfully in book four, “”Breaking Dawn.”” Edward finally gets Bella as his bride. Meyer maintains the anticipation and adventure with an upcoming battle between the Cullen family and old rivals. The battle’s resolve leaves the reader in an interesting state of combined emotions – from relief, to bliss, to yearning for more of the glimpse into the life Edward and Bella have created for themselves.

    Over the course of four hypnotizing books, Meyer illustrates a wonderful adventure full of love, lust, vampires, werewolves and family. The world she creates is mesmerizing, explaining the mutual obsession all readers have with Edward and Bella’s saga. No one is too old for legends – and who wouldn’t want a beautiful and gallant vampire climbing into her window every night?

    Star Rating: 4 out of 5

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