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    Five punk party songs for the summer months

    Five punk party songs for the summer months

    Every day, thousands of people use the term “fuck it.” Not because they’re giving up, but because sometimes throwing caution and rationality into the wind is what can teach us the most. Life is all about novelty — new experiences and risking everything is what makes life worth living. If life were the same all the time, why the hell would we bother going on? If human beings had all the answers, no one would bother to make art.

    Luckily, we don’t have all the answers, and there are millions of artists producing new work every second of every day. So please, take a risk: Get your shoes on, plug your ears up with earbuds and go outside with some of these songs of summer. The heat, the parties and the world await you.

    “Pool Party” by The Aquabats!

    A mix of rock instruments with a horn section, ska brought the ‘90s some sweet beats and even introduced a whole new era of hip-hop. Along with that, ska was a great way to get people moving. This ska song, played in a small group of friends, is sure to get you all into a bout of mischief — and pool-owners beware. Upon hearing the words “Pool party, my house, 8 o’clock,” you’ll instantly start to plan for the next sweet night of partying with the bros. Equipped with a grill, a pool and all those phone numbers you’ve been collecting, you’ll have yourself one cool pool party.

    “Warpath” by Bombshell Rocks

    Another day on the couch may seem great, but when fall comes around, you’ll be wishing you’d done something with all that precious time. Whether it’s starting a summer romance, an art project or that new flip-trick you’ve been working on at the skate park, this song should help you get off your ass to get to it. As the song goes, “Sometimes it’s tempting to do things the easy way / But I never liked compromising / I never looked for a cheap escape.” Don’t escape something awesome. Put on this Swedish punk jam and go.

    “Manthem” by Bouncing Souls

    This is one of those songs that sounds like a whole room of drunk friends got together to scream and sing. It’s an awesome song to play at the pre-game before a night out at the bar. The chorus, “He’s my friend, he’s my alibi / My accessory to the crime / A bond that will never die until the end of time,” is something all friends should scream loud enough to annoy the neighbors. Plus, the whole idea of the song is to go out without a plan and to just meet up wherever with whatever friends happen to be available.

    “Bad Fun” by The Cult

    The Cult is by far one of the powerhouses of the legacy left behind by the true punk spirit. You probably recognize songs like “She Sells Sanctuary,” and maybe you heard this song from Tony Hawk’s videogame series. Though, even if you haven’t heard these guys, the title says it all for this one. Sex, drugs, craziness — all of these things guarantee a good time (or a bad time with a lesson to learn). It’s all in bad fun. And if it’s raining, just get pumped for a run with your “spirit like a thunderin’ rain.”

    “Six Pack” by Black Flag

    Once again, here’s a song title that tells the listener exactly what he or she is about to get blasted with. Some nights, you just have to get stupidly drunk in front of the TV with your friends. And if you and your friends happen to be a little rough around the edges, a band like Black Flag can provide the perfect soundtrack. This particular track is a bit dischord and chaotic as all hell, and might blow your TV straight through the wall. You’ll also probably wake up on your couch and find your friends all passed out in your bed. But hey, that’s a very special moment everyone should witness and laugh about later.

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