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    Best college songs for your iPod

    For your first weekend, forget about studying – now that you’re in college, it’s time to celebrate. That goes for your second, third and fourth weekends, too.

    Bad advice? You bet. Don’t follow it. But even those of you who hit the books right away can still enjoy the college lifestyle by plugging into this great mix while you study. Enjoy, but don’t play it too loud – there’s always that one guy sitting next to you in the library who actually wants to study.

    Wave of Mutilation –
    The Pixies

    Sure, you probably know “”Where is My Mind?”” from “”Fight Club”” (or do people even watch “”Fight Club”” anymore?), but have you heard this vicious, clangorous classic? Throw it on at a party some night and watch the floor clear.

    Life During Wartime –
    Talking Heads

    “”Why stay in college? Why go to night school? Why not be different this time?””

    Louie, Louie –
    The Kingsmen

    The unofficial frat boy anthem since 1963 – or at least since 1978 and “”Animal House”” – the Kingsmen’s undying, incomprehensible classic was once intimidating enough to spark an FBI investigation. And yet, if you think about it, there are probably plenty of college freshmen who’ve never even heard “”Louie, Louie.”” (It’s not like it gets any MTV time.) If that description fits you, go rectify the situation.

    Superstar –
    Sonic Youth

    Who said The Carpenters can’t be cool? Remember, any song can be socially acceptable when covered by a sufficiently namedrop-worthy act.

    Surfin’ Bird –
    The Trashmen

    Possibly the weirdest record ever made, “”Surfin’ Bird”” consists of a guy gibbering the word “”bird”” a thousand times, backed by what sounds like someone hitting a trash can with a bunch of spoons. It’s perfect for annoying your roommate with. (And annoying one’s roommate is, of course, the point of college.)

    Oh! –

    No matter what your background is, you’re definitely going to meet a few Sleater-Kinney fans at college. (It’s easy to identify them: They all look like they could be members of the band.) Try this 2002 track, a giddy, galloping delight.

    Fight the Power –
    Public Enemy

    If your roommate’s bugging you with his slow-paced hip-hop, try blasting him out of the room with this 1989 classic. Don’t try to sing along, though – that’s a little too cruel.

    Fight for Your Right to Party –
    Beastie Boys

    Is no one coming to your parties? First of all, try inviting people more than a day in advance. Second, try playing this classic party record on repeat until they show up. If nothing else, you’ll get the neighbors to come.

    Drinkin’ Wine Spo-Dee-O-Dee – Jerry Lee Lewis

    Better than Jay-Z any day of the week.

    Tell Me Easter’s on Friday –
    The Associates

    Learning new things is an essential part of the college experience, so it wouldn’t be right to end this list without including at least one great song you’ve probably never heard. This eerie number by the ’80s Scottish New Wave duo would make an ideal accompaniment for that moment at the very end of the night when the words you’re reading start to look like random symbols.

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