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    Step into fall style

    Amy Johnson

    After months of breathable basics, many welcome fall — and its fashion — with open arms. Others might be a little more reluctant.

    As the weather gets milder and the Arizona heat couples with a cool breeze, it may seem fitting to experiment with textures, layers and trends. Pantone, a leader of fashion color reports, said this season will be celebrated with emerald green, Mykonos blue, samba red and acai purple. While the colors of fall fashion are seemingly consistent year after year, the trends themselves will vary.

    For women

    While men typically stick to the basics during fall, women find reason to celebrate the little aspects of the changing seasons: Infinity scarves, cozy flannels and floppy knit beanies designate the start of the season.

    “I’m a big supporter of girls wearing flannels,” said Tyler Baumanis, a pre-business sophomore. “It’s not the typical girl look; it’s hard to explain, but I really like those.”

    Flannels and plaid button-ups paired with leggings and boots can be worn in almost every occasion during the fall. While Tucson is still boasting temperatures into the 90s, a flannel can be thrown over a white tank top after a monsoon has swept through and cooled the area.

    The beauty of fall trends lies in its simplicity. Scarves can be worn with a variety of outfits, as can chestnut-colored, knee-high boots. Winter weather calls for multiple layers, while fall means pairing your clothes to suit the chill of early morning and the warmth of midday. But even if the weather is beginning to cool down, remember to never wear two trends, or even two different seasons, at the same time.

    “Boots and shorts, just don’t do it,” Baumanis said. “It looks like your feet are cold, but the rest of your body is really warm … It looks like you don’t know what the weather is.”

    For men

    It comes as no surprise to see men sporting different styles as we dip into the onset of fall. September marks the time when gentlemen from all areas of campus dust off their hoodies in preparation for the Tucson winter.

    Some fashion trends can gracefully transition into the coming months, while others should be left with your tank top and “man-dals” to hibernate for the spring. But think twice before you consider bringing out the-two-sizes-too-big pair of jeans that you rocked during senior year of high school. That was fly back then, but now you’re on a college campus.

    “It looks like you bought the wrong size pants,” said Taylor Franklin, a communication freshman.

    Now a more tailored, well-fitting approach is what turns heads.
    Franklin, along with her friends Alana Sacio, an undeclared freshman, and Taylor Romero, a public health freshman, said they prefer men to sport a more fitted look.

    The women bring a unique perspective, as they’re all out-of-state students, with Franklin calling New Jersey home, Romero arriving from California and Sacio coming from her home country of Peru to study in Tucson.

    Romero is also not a fan of the infamous “No-Shave November,” when men of all ages pledge not to shave for the entirety of the month to raise awareness of illnesses. The meaning behind the cause is great, but the look is not as convincing.

    “I think it doesn’t look like you put effort in,” Franklin said.

    The same goes for hair, too. Each woman agreed that she prefers men to have well-kept hairstyles.

    Hoodies, boots and UA-related clothing are all fashion trends that they would like to see continued. Some from previous years, however, can be left in the past, including wearing your workout clothes to class directly after going to the gym, Sacio said.

    “If you’re going to go to the gym, then go to the gym, take a bath and go to class,” Sacio said.

    All agree that women are more fashion-conscious than men around this time of the year.

    “I think for women, it’s more important,” Sacio added. “[We’re] always looking at each other and comparing.”

    But there is still no excuse to let your style take a backseat during the next few months.

    The most important aspect of someone’s fashion sense is not about who has the latest Tom Ford apparel or how expensive your pair of Air Jordans were. Self-confidence is what makes or breaks your style.

    “If you look good, you feel good,” Franklin said.

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