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Online Comments: Mar. 1

On ‘Editorial: Baja Arizona: 51st state a first-rate idea’ (Feb. 28):

Even though this is clearly satire (or an incredibly poor attempt at a legitimate editorial) the secession idea is incredibly stupid. You will always have differences with people in politics. Do you think Republicans in California (myself included, as I’m registered there) want to split away even though we sure as hell aren’t represented by the idiots in Sacramento? No, we man the f*ck up and deal with it. That’s a basic reality of politics. You won’t always agree with those in power. Stop whining and DEAL WITH IT! Republicans may be the “”Party of No”” but Democrats are clearly the “”Party of Whine.””

Kevin Wos

In response to Kevin Wos:

Even though I’m Republican, I can still see that there really is a problem here. To the detriment of good debate, Maricopa really does have a stranglehold on politics in this state. You said yourself that you’re a California resident, so what experience do you have with the Arizona political climate?

What the author of this article is trying to point out is that Arizona State Legislature is trying to defy Federal Law. If Arizona is trying to not follow Federal Law, that is effectively a centralized government, separate from the United States. This would set a terrible precedent, and Southern Arizonans want nothing to do with it. The problem is that Pima County’s voting demographic is so weak in the poles, compared to Maricopa County, that we virtually have no say in the matter.

There is no need for name calling, open debate is a much better option.

Taylor English

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